Profile: Regina Ferreira – Petite Paris B&Bs

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My monthly guest post on My French Life, the Australian-based online magazine & global community of French & francophiles, has just been published. This time, it’s an interview in two parts with Regina Ferreira, from Petite Paris B&Bs. As you know, I love staying in B&Bs and only discovered recently about their existence in Paris. I love the idea, particularly when you hear Regina explain the concept.

Profile: Regina Ferreira – Petite Paris B&Bs

Regina, it’s great to meet you on Skype, with me in Blois and you in Sydney.

Your website, Petite Paris, is an Australian-based specialist booking service with a select network of charming bed & breakfast accommodations in the romance capital, Paris bien sûr!  

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself, on a personal level to start with?
I’m Portuguese, although my family moved to Australia when I was very young so I’m really Australian having grown up and studied here. Read more

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2 Responses to Profile: Regina Ferreira – Petite Paris B&Bs

  1. Jane J says:

    I just love your photos and writings – they inspire me to try something different and do something special at times – I’m more used to doing the more economical option. Through your blog I’m finding other places to visit and to pay a bit more for a lot better or extra!
    Hence my first try at a B & B in Paris with Regina! Two other ladies are staying with me at one of her B & Bs in Paris for a full week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    In the meantime, keep up the good work with all the stories of places you have visited in europe. I’m also going to try your Levanto place in Cinque Terre.
    Have fun

    • Fraussie says:

      Hi Jane, I’ll be looking forward to hearing how the B&B goes. And I am delighted to bring inspiration!

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