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Cycling to the Rendez-vous du Chocolat at Château de Villesavin

We can’t believe that it’s mid-October and the temperature is going to be 25°C in the afternoon! Absolutely unheard-of. We can’t wait to get out on our bikes. It’s also the 9th Rendez-vous du Chocolat at Château de Villesavin so … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – piles, batteries & torches

We’ve just bought a set of telephones and are setting them up. “Est-ce qu’ils ont fourni les piles?” I ask. “Non“, says Jean Michel, “il y a des batteries.” He is not correcting my French. Pile is the word I first … Continue reading

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Weekly Blogger Round-Up: Fête des vendanges on the French Riviera – October events in France – Alba Iulia in Romania

This week’s Blogger Round-Up starts with a great discovery. Every month, well in advance, The Good Life France gives a list of national events in France. I know we’re already halfway through October, but you can take a look at November while … Continue reading

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A Significant Birthday or Taking a Pensioner Out to Dinner

I’m always on the look-out for new restaurants to try so when my friend and neighbour Françoise mentions the Manoir de Contres in Sologne, I immediately note the name in my iPhone for Jean Michel’s next most significant birthday – … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – bernache

Today I learnt a new word – bernache – used in Touraine and particularly in Anjou, to designate what is known in other parts of France as vin nouveau, i.e. grape juice at the beginning of its fermentation. I’ve already … Continue reading

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Weekly Blogger Round-Up: Safe Solo Travel Tips for Women – Supplements for Single Travellers – Family Travel Tips for Iceland

We have an all-Australian line-up for this week’s Blogger Round-Up, starting with some excellent tips from Jo Karnaghan from Frugal First Class Travel on safe travel for solo women. Carolyn from Holidays to Europe  then discusses another aspect of solo … Continue reading

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My Wonderful Cataract Operation in Paris

We’re cycling in Germany and I suddenly start seeing little brownish halos over to the right during the day and flashes  of light at night. When we arrive back in Paris at the end of July, I make an appointment … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – déménager, déménagement, ménager

Lundi on déménage ! For some reason, it sounds more specific in French than the English “We’re moving on Monday !” I guess it’s because “move” can be used to mean so many different things but déménager always means moving house (or office or … Continue reading

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Weekly Blogger Round-Up: The Urinette – Railing it in Switzerland – Oldest Basketball Court in Paris

This week’s Blogger Round-Up begins with Wendy Hollands from Le Franco Phoney who has some very interesting information for the female element, as my father used to say, but you have to read to the end of post to discover … Continue reading

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Lisbon – an iconic tram, a hilltop castle, La Fontaine’s fables and a sublime view

It’s an intermittent fast day so we prepare a picnic to eat in nearby Estrela Gardens with their exotic trees and shrubs and 19th century bandstand, obviously a Saturday rendez-vous for the locals. There’s even an outdoor cinema. What a pity it’s in … Continue reading

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