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Friday’s French – Va te faire cuire un œuf ! and other eggy expressions

You’d wonder why “go cook yourself an egg” would have the meaning of “get stuffed” or more politely “go jump”, wouldn’t you? I googled it and am not convinced by any of the explanations. You can insult someone by calling … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – gens de voyage, Roms, gitans, Romanichels, Tsiganes, bohémiens, Manouches, gypsies

Before I left Australia, gypsies for me were only characters in novels but in France, I learned that they were present in large numbers, lived in caravans (often large and expensive) and travelled around the country following seasonal work such … Continue reading

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The Taj Mahal – Simply Majestic

Today’s the day. We’re going to visit the Taj Mahal. It’s 6 am and we’re walking across the foyer of the Radisson Blue to meet our new French-speaking guide. I’m relieved that yesterday’s unsatisfactory guide is being replaced. From the … Continue reading

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The Road to Agra, Fatehpur Sikri and the Moonlight Gardens

After a thoroughly enjoyable stay in Jaipur, we’re on our way to Agra which is the last point in the Golden Triangle. It is 8 am. Ragendar tries to find an ATM but they seem very scarce. He’s says not to … Continue reading

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Jaipur – temples, elephants, forts and palaces

We are up bright and early at our beautiful Shahpura House Heritage Hotel in Jaipur so we can have breakfast and be ready to leave at 8 am because today is a big day – my first elephant ride! Our … Continue reading

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More Delhi and the Road to Jaipur

We arrive in Delhi at 7 pm, one and a half hours late due to an electrical problem on our plane which kept us sitting on the tarmac in Melbourne but I sent a quick email to Trinetra Tours to … Continue reading

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The Elephant Ride

  We have been in India for two full days and have done so much and seen so many wonderful places that I am exhausted by the end of the day and incapable of writing a blog post. But I had … Continue reading

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Meet the Bollards in Geelong

As we drive along the waterfront at Geelong on the way to our home exchange in Drysdale, our host Jill mentions something called “bollards” which, she says, are a reflection of the town’s history. When we return to Geelong for a longer visit, … Continue reading

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Lost in Australia

I can’t believe that we left Blois nearly a month ago! After our first brief stay in Delhi, we have been in Sydney, Armidale, Coffs Harbour, Adelaide and Melbourne. We are now in Kennet River on the Great Ocean Road … Continue reading

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Delhi Delights

We’ve arrived in Delhi, met up with the coordinator, driver and French-speaking guide from Trinetra Tours, checked into our hotel and are about to have lunch. I’m surprised to see that the restaurant is called Lutyens Cocktail Bar, opposite the … Continue reading

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