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The Indian Visa

We’re fairly seasoned travellers and have made a lot of stop overs between France and Australia in our time so aren’t too worried about getting our Indian visas for our forthcoming visit to Delhi on the way to and from … Continue reading

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A Monumental Afternoon

We’re in Amboise in front of the Church of Saint Denis, waiting for our friends Susan and Simon from Days on the Claise. We’re here for a purpose. Susan wants to see some artworks in the church that she has … Continue reading

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A Day in Paris with Lunch at Le Lobby

It’s nearly 9 am and we’re about to go to Paris for the day which we don’t do very often. To our immense surprise, the ground is covered in snow!  I run around taking photos and videos while Jean Michel … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – Content, contented, satisfait, satisfied, heureux, happy

Content is another one of those words that does not necessarily have the same meaning in French and in English. Je suis contente de te voir = I am happy to see you. You can also say Je suis heureuse … Continue reading

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Friday’s French: poireaux & oignons – leeks & onions

I was so excited at the market last Saturday when I saw this wonderful shopping trolley. In response to my post on navets (turnips), a reader suggested several expressions including arrête de poireauter from poireau meaning leek. And here is a wonderful … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2016 – Bonne année à tous !

It’s New Year’s Eve and there are just the two of us, in front of our fireplace. We’re not having anything complicated to celebrate the New Year. I once spent all day making a special dish that took forever and … Continue reading

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Best Nine Instagram Photos for 2015

These are my nine most “liked” photos on Instagram for the year. Four are châteaux of the Loire and two are the flowers in my garden! Top: Chenonceau, Sully, my wisteria Middle: Grenada, foie gras and vouvray in front of our fireplace, Chambord … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – Trêve des confiseurs

I heard a new expression on France Info this week – “l’entre deux fêtes” – which literally means “between two celebrations”, the first being Christmas and the second New Year. It’s the same construction as ‘l’entre-deux-guerres”, which is what the … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – navet

“What’s a navet?” someone asked on Facebook this week. “It’s a film that’s a flop”, I answered. But a navet is actually a vegetable – a turnip in fact. So how did we get from turnip to a dud film? … Continue reading

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Outwitting the Cat

I used to have a German friend and every time she came to my house in Fontenay sous Bois, she would look out the window and say “there’s a blue tit” or “there’s a nuthatch”  which always made me very … Continue reading

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