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Friday’s French – normalement, normal & norme

In a very amusing post, Abby from Paris Weekender talks about her new pet peeve as opposed to her previous one which is normalement that got me thinking about how it is used in French. Abby gives the example of … Continue reading

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Cycling in Germany – Tips & Tricks

We have now been on three cycling trips to Germany, first on the Rhine near Lake Constance, second along the Danube from it’s source to Budapest and third on the Moselle, Rhine, Elb and Eiser Rivers through former East Germany … Continue reading

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Cycling in Germany #20 – Trier and the Binoculars Scare

It’s the last day of our cycling holiday in Germany and we’re going to visit Germany’s oldest town – Trier – then cycle from Thörnich to Neumagen-Dhron. We’re not cycling around Trier itself because the bike paths in and out … Continue reading

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Cycling in Germany #19 – Bernkastel on the Moselle – a hidden treasure

We arrive in Bernkastel at about 1.30 pm after a 4-hour drive from Hann Münden with only a couple of rough patches on the motorway. I wouldn’t have liked to be going in the other direction around Hanover though. The … Continue reading

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Cycling in Germany #18 – Painted façades from Hann Münden to Höxter

After our three days of wonderful weather in Friesland, we are homeward bound. We have 5 nights left in Germany and are spending the last three on the Moselle, near Trier, which is an 8-hour drive, so we are looking … Continue reading

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Cycling in Germany #17 – Windmills and Dykes

Windmills and dykes, I can hear you saying. Aren’t they Dutch? Well, we are in the north-east of Germany, near the North Sea, in East Friesland in Lower Saxony which is only separated from the Netherlands by a small stretch … Continue reading

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Cycling in Germany #16 – Celle and Bremen

Bad weather has struck so we’ve studied the weather report and after a day of R&R at Kunsthof Pension in Dahrenstedt we’re off to Bremen via Celle which has over 400 timber-framed houses. We are going back into the former West Germany … Continue reading

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Cyclng in Germany #15 – Turgermünde, the prettiest village on the Elbe

After Magdeburg and the Green Citadel, we continue on to our next location in the little village of Dahlenstedt near Stendal, where we are to spend 3 nights, including a rest day. We first heard of this little town from … Continue reading

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Cycling in Germany #14 – Shades of Gaudi on the Elbe: Hundertwasser

“I mustn’t forget to show you something before we leave Wittenberg tomorrow”, says Jean Michel, “a modern building, the Martin Luther Gymnasium” (which means high school). Wow, I am bowled over when I see it, tucked away behind the vegatation in … Continue reading

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 Cycling in Germany #13: Wörlitz Gardens and the beginning of German Neo-classicism

After a standard breakfast, we set out on our bikes at about 10 am for Wörlitz, 25 k away. I’m feeling rather sluggish and the somewhat dull countryside doesn’t help. We’re finding it a little hard to adapt to the difference … Continue reading

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