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La Rentrée

After the August exodus comes La Rentrée, that untranslatable nationwide “back-to”: back-to-school, back-to-work, back-to-wearing-shoes-every-day, back-to-setting-the-alarm, back-to-the-metro, and all the other disagreeable things about everyday life. For those who have stayed in Paris it means queuing at the market, leaving the … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – cote, côte, coteau

These words all look fairly similar but they’re not, of course, or I wouldn’t be talking about them. To start off with, cote and côte are not even remotely related and not even pronounced in the same way! Cote is … Continue reading

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Weekly Blogger Round-Up: July & August in France – Wines from the French Riviera – Cruising on the Canal du Rhône

We’re off to the sunny French Riviera for this week’s blogger round-up, starting with Margo Lestz from The Curious Rambler who gives a very interesting historical explanation of the August exodus I mentioned recently. Next, Chrissie from Riviera Grapevine introduces us … Continue reading

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A Sunday Walk Through the Marais in August

We’ve just had a lovely visit from of my former ESIT students now living in Maryland, with her husband and little Ada, which is my mother’s name. The weather is not brilliant so we decide to forego a visit to … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – prune and other metaphorical colours   

I’m reading a book in French and come across an expression I don’t know (which doesn’t often happen – I’m a translator after all). “C’est quoi, prendre une prune”, I ask Jean Michel. “Une amende”. So why would you call … Continue reading

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Blogger Round-Up: Kaunas Castle in the Baltics – Cycling planning tool for Europe – Paris bucket list

I have three very disparate subjects for this week’s blogger round-up. Andrea from Rearview Mirror takes us to Lithuania, one of the Baltic States, where she visits Kaunas Castle and experiences her first Baltic sunset. Fellow cyclist, Maggie LaCoste from Experience … Continue reading

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The August Exodus

We’re back in Paris. I feel like a côte de boeuf so I go to the butcher’s on rue Montorgueil. Usually there are three open, today there is only one. In fact, only about one shop in five in Paris is … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – prochain, next, this,  huitaine & quinzaine

That may seem like a strange combination but an English-speaking friend living in France has suggested I deal with the topic of “this” and “prochain“. This is what she wrote: “ I just had a confusing text message exchange with … Continue reading

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Weekly Blogger Round-Up: Leasing a vehicle in Europe – City map phone app – Stockholm in black & white

This week’s blogger round-up starts with two very practical posts. First, Carolyn from Holidays to Europe, gives us a step-by-step guide to leasing a vehicle in Europe, which may not be a solution you had thought of. Next, Abby from … Continue reading

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The Emergency Department in a Paris Hospital

I hate wasting time, probably because I never have enough. To me, the emergency department of a hospital is the epitome of wasted time, to be avoided at all costs. So far, I’ve managed to do so. I wake up … Continue reading

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