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Old Bricks, a Cloche and a Priory

While the concrete sill on the practice window (made with our new secondhand concrete mixer) is drying, Jean Michel is planning the logistics for the two large windows in the kitchen. We’ve already bought two stone sills for the rear façade … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – je me débrouille

“Je me débrouille” is one of Jean Michel’s most oft-used expressions. The verb brouiller comes from the Gallo-Roman brodiculare which is turn comes from the verb brodigar in the Italian dialect of Bergamo (a lovely city, what’s more) meaning to sully or … Continue reading

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Cement Mixers and Crows

Jean Michel has widened the window in the laundry to put in a new one as practice for the bay window that he is going to make in the 70 cm thick wall in the kitchen to let in more … Continue reading

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Voting in the provinces

There are no provinces in France but anything that happens outside Paris is called “en province”. In fact, France is divided first into 27 regions, including Normandie, Picardy and Brittany (our region is called Centre and not Pays de la … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – Important, importance, substantial, substantiel

Unlike English, important in French can indicate quantity where in English, it only means “of great import or significance”. e.g. Il y avait un nombre important de demandes : there were a large number of applications. In English, we have to choose among … Continue reading

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Invited for Dessert

We haven’t seen Mr and Mrs Previous Owner for quite some time, what with moving, retirement blues, Christmas, New Year, the flu, Granada, getting over the flu and finishing the glass doors and shutters. However, we are now sufficiently en … Continue reading

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More Light at Last

Jean Michel’s first retirement project is finished. All five doors on the front façade of Closerie Falaiseau now have glass panels instead of three glass and two solid wood doors. The difference in light is amazing! The first step in … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – gens, personnes, monde, peuple, people

People learning French seem to find it difficult to know how to translate the word people! It’s because there are several different words that can be used depending on the context and meaning: gens, personnes, monde, peuple, people. Aïe! Let’s start … Continue reading

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Weekly Blogger Round-Up: All about Romanians – Mediaeval Slovenia – Travel Safety in Albania

This week’s blogger round-up is focussed on Eastern Europe, a destination I find quite fascinating. To start off, Anda from Travel Notes & Beyond tells us what you should know about Romanians before you travel to the country where she was born. … Continue reading

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A-Tisket A-Taskat and Tea for Three

I’m still getting over the flu that I’ve shared with several MILLIONS of people in France this year.  My recovery after 5 weeks is remarkably slow and annoying. Every time I think I’m better, I seem to have a mini … Continue reading

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