Monday’s Travel Photos – Amboise, Loire Valley

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Amboise in the Loire Valley is probably the best-known town in the region. Its lovely mediaeval castle and grounds are on the world heritage list and offer an exceptional view of the Loire and surrounding area. In 1516, François I invited Leonardo da Vinci to live in a little château down the road called Le Clos Lucé, used by royalty as a summer residence. Today, visitors can see mock-ups of Leonardo’s incredibly modern inventions. In the summer in particular, Amboise is very animated with lots of eating places along the main street. The best view is from Le Shaker on a little island in the middle of the Loire.

Amboise seen from Le Shaker

Amboise Castle from the side

Side entrance to Amboise Castle

Half-timbered house in Amboise

Clock tower in Amboise

Typical view of the Loire

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12 Responses to Monday’s Travel Photos – Amboise, Loire Valley

  1. Gwan says:

    That certainly is a lovely photo from the island! I didn’t much care for Amboise, though.

    • Fraussie says:

      Definitely the best view. Amboise can be very touristy – Blois (where my house is!) is much better of course …

      • Gwan says:

        I agree, I thought Blois was charming and the chateau very underrated (as in I rarely hear it mentioned, not as in I hear people say bad things). Unlike Tours, which everyone seems to hate, but oh well.

        • Fraussie says:

          Yes, I don’t know why Blois is so little known outside. I love the chateau. Tours was completely bombed during the war and is now just a big city without much to visit except the cathedral.

  2. butcherbird says:

    I’m glad you have some lovely photo shots of Amboise. Having visited there recently without my camera, I can now include a couple of these in my album

  3. Andrea says:

    It looks so pretty! Is this nearby your new place?

    • Fraussie says:

      Amboise is about a half an hour’s drive along the Loire from Blois, where our new place is. Chaumont is in-between the two, though closer to Blois.

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