Monday’s Travel Photos – Living Like a Local in Rome

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In the last two editions of my Monday’s travel photos, I’ve posted photos of Roman fountains and Roman ruins. But Rome is not just a tourist venue of course. These are just a few photos showing the life of the people who live there all the time – the Romans! Starting with the market …

Childen sheltering from the sun under the pasta stall at Piazza Campa de’ Fiori market

Preparing artichokes at Piazza Campa de’ Fiori market

Marcella, one of the best-known figures at Piazza Campa de’ Fiori market

Typical highly colourful Roman tram

Swiss guards in front of the Vatican, deep in conversation

One of the amazing shops selling religious garb

France is not the only place they have strikes!

Here you can buy slices of the best pizza in Rome, we were told.

The entrance to the apartment building we stayed in

A typical private altar


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