Sunday’s Travel Photos – Venice

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Spring is without doubt the best time to go to Venice. The wisteria is out everywhere in April and it’s quite splendid. The photos below capture the essence of my Venice. Since we were there for a week and had a vaporetto pass, we took the time to venture outside the main tourist areas. One thing I remember is the somewhat misty light that pervades most of my photos. I also loved the slightly decrepit look of many of the palaces. And I absolutely adored the masks.

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9 thoughts on “Sunday’s Travel Photos – Venice”

  1. There is always something special with balconies and Venice. When you add in wisteria in flower you draw out all the emotions and feelings and lead us to reminisce about past travels to Venice. Thank you for taking me back there. I do so enjoy my Sunday travels with you!

  2. Dear Fraussie

    Really enjoy your blog – wonderful variety and pics. March looks to be a truly beautiful time in Venice. We were there last in May, and stayed in a little hotel (more like a B and B) – I think it was just opposite the palazzo in your third picture – taken right by the Accademia bridge, if I mistake not. Our room was just a little further along (in direction of Peggy Guggenheim Collection) from where this picture was taken and had two sets of double windows opening straight onto the Grand Canal. It was a fabulous location, breakfast (not so wonderful) was served in the room and we used to stand leaning out the windows with our coffee enjoying the view and the life on the canal. People arriving on the vaporetto as it approached the bridge used to wave to us, they probably thought we lived there since it wan’t obviously a hotel. We were lucky the Vogalonga boat race took place during our stay so were able to watch it all from our room while indulging in prosecco and nibbles.

    Love the aged look of wear and tear too and the faded colours, more atmospheric and evocative of history and romance. Imagine if they painted it freshly every year, it might look like Disneyland or Los Vegas. We also love getting out to the further islands. Particularly Torcello, the ancient churches and especially Sunday lunch under the trees at the Trattoria Ponte Diavolo (? – not quite sure of name, but something like that) with mostly Venetian families. Also enjoy walking around Burano before all the boatloads arrive. The colours of the houses and their flowering pots are magical and an artist’s delight – they’re re-painted more frequently I think, but it works for Burano. We also enjoy wandering around Murano and chosing real Venetian glass to send home. Your blog brings back many happy memories!

  3. Thank you. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. Your B&B sounds wonderful (despite the breakfast). Do you remember the name? We were actually there in April a few years ago – I shall add the month to the post. March might be a little early for the wisteria. I loved the islands as well. I was planning to post photos of the three islands next week. I loved the colours in Burano as well. We bought a glass angel from Murano for the Christmas tree and it very sadly got broken.

    1. Dear Fraussie

      What a shame about the glass angel! I particularly love angels too and somehow have never noticed glass ones in Venice. I also collect small icons. Mostly museum quality copies because many genuine old ones on sale have probably been stolen from churches. But I do have an early twentieth century Russian one painted on sycamore which the antique shop owner told me was OK – so I hope so. In the village of Monpazier in the Dordogne I once found a truly beautiful naive painting of an angel fishing. It’s not French, they told me it was from the school of Cuzco in Peru but it’s quite old and very lovely so it has joined my small collection of religious art.

      The hotel/B and B we stayed at was the Hotel Galleria (it’s on the net and is also reviewed on Trip Advisor – though haven’t looked at any reviews for it recently). It’s very small in what was an old palazzo – the owners told us Browning once lived in the building for some time. The best room I’m pretty sure was no. 10, a double with private bathroom, which has the double windows opening on the Grand Canal. I wouldn’t stay there if I couldn’t get that room because I don’t think the others are as good and one that opens onto the area near the bridge would be very noisy. The two proprietors and their staff were all very helpful and friendly. There was no wifi but they sometimes allowed us to use the hotel computer in the evening to check our emails and send. For the location the room rates are not bad, no. 10 being the best room is the most expensive. It’s not palatial or modern, but it was clean and comfortable and our room was large, old, kind of faded with old Venetian furniture and paintings, but not of the glamorous kind. For people who will only stay in Hiltons or similar, this is not for you. But if you like quirky, old, friendly, personal with a great view of the Grand Canal it’s worth trying to book the room we had. Breakfast is included and I guess OK for your average 2 (maybe 3) star Italian hotel. But we’ve had much better at some quite modest hotels.
      Next time we’re in Venice I’ll look for an angel. Over the years we’ve found some lovely things and had them shipped, including a chandelier with beautiful iris flowers and buds, a truly wonderful mirror that hangs in our dining room, goblets etc. Look forward to your posts with the photos from the islands.

      1. Thanks Pamela, I’ll add your B&B to my list. I can’t imagine staying in a Hilton in Venise! It wouldn’t seem right. We bought the angel in a shop on Murano. One day we’ll go back and get another one!

  4. I’m new to your blog but am loving it. I have so much to catch up on. Lots of enjoyable reading ahead. lyn

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