My Street in Blois

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On Sunday, we finally found the time to take a walk down our street to the organic bakery!  On the left, we went past a primary school in beautiful grounds.

Then a house built in the sixties surrounded by flowering trees and shrubs.

A fence with a lovely wisteria in front of a turn-of-the-century home.

The local church with a red, white and blue pole in front.

A house with two sundials, one on the southern façade and the other on the western façade. Which reminds me that I would like one too!

After buying the bread, we walked back in the other direction and came across a most unusual gate. Diplodoci no less!

A straight stretch of country road.

And around the next bend, he meeting of old and new.



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2 thoughts on “My Street in Blois”

  1. We’ve only tried the multi-grain so far, which is good (though I prefer my own home-made bread!) The croissants are really excellent – the traditional and not the flaky sort.

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