Sydney Writers’ Centre’s Best Blogger Competition Results

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Thank you everyone for voting for me in the Best Blogger Competition. I obviously did not win (I am very small fry compared to a lot of bloggers) but it was wonderful to be part of the competition. I hope you all found lots of other blogs to follow as well!

So here are the winners:

Yesterday, I met up with some of my favourite anglophone bloggers in France for breakfast at Angelina’s. I’ve already featured most of their blogs in my Wednesday’s other blogs post:

Fellow Australians:

And from the US:




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8 thoughts on “Sydney Writers’ Centre’s Best Blogger Competition Results”

  1. I echo Femme Francophile in saying thank you for organising this, it was a truly lovely morning. I’m looking forward to catching up with you, and everyone else too, very soon.

  2. Who needs the Sydney Writers’ Centre’s Best Blogger Competition? You’re already a winner in my book!

    Thanks again for organizing the get together at Angelina’s. It was a real pleasure to get to know you better and to meet the other bloggers. As FF commented above, spending time with such a dynamic group of ladies was a real treat.

    1. Thank you Mary, that is so nice of you! The next time, we’ll have our breakfast get-together in the Palais Royal so you can experience my view at first hand!

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