Sunday’s Travel Photos – Saint Petersburg

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One of my greatest travel dreams was to visit Saint Petersburg to see the paintings from Picasso’s blue period in the Hermitage Museum. I finally got there in July 2007 but only one of his paintings was on display! I actually preferred the Russian Museum, much less crowded with far fewer tourists. I enjoyed discovering Russian art and I adored the museum itself with its beautiful painted rooms. I’ll never forget the midnight sun over the Volga.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday’s Travel Photos – Saint Petersburg”

    1. I had the great good luck to go there on a university assignment which meant that our Russian colleagues looked after us!

  1. i was there recently! great city if you take a look on the marvellous photos you’ve posted!
    Due to the fact that St. Petersburg’s architecture is based on Paris, our guide said that the only thing Parisian visitors admire the most are the classy balustrades of the balcons! Justified!

    1. Hi Tobi. Thanks for stopping by. I realised after I’d posted the photos that I hadn’t actually featured any of the city’s architecture. It’s always so hard to choose 6 photos of any one city and I found Saint Petersburg a bit stark and grandiose to tell you the truth even though I appreciated the individual buildings. But next week, I’ll just post photos of buildings. I didn’t know know they were based on Parisian architecture because most of the city was built in the early 18th century whereas the famous Haussman buildings in Paris did not appear until about 1850. I found it very similar to Vienna. I’ll check out the balconies!

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