Launceston – Tamar River Conservation Area & Cataract Gorge

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Had a rather quiet day today. We had originally decided to go to Cradle Mountain to do the Dove Walk but the thought of driving 150 K each way on Tasmanian roads, where you usually average about 60 K, was a bit daunting. From the window of our home exchange, we have a wonderful view of the Tamar River so we thought we should get up close and personal as they say here.

View from our window in Launceston

Just a couple of kilometers down the road is the Tamar River Conservation Area with a 1 ½ hour board walk which takes you through the wetlands. It was very pleasant, mostly sunny and not too cold. We mainly saw black swans including some cygnets but with our binoculars (which we always carry with us), we were able to see some Cape Barren geese ans purple swamp hens, a cormorant and a superb fairy wren (the superb is part of the name).

Tamar River Conservation Area

We drove  back into town to have lunch on Charles Street and settled on Sporties Bistro which turned out to be “French” because we only had 55 dollars on us. That bought a smoked salmon salad and a bistro beef salad which, although very nice, were about enough to feed a starling, and certainly not amateur hikers, plus a glass of chardonnay each. We are still reeling at the prices in Australia this time. Paris is going to seem ultra-cheap when we get back!

Sporties Bistro in Launceston

After going back home to get some more dollars, we stopped along the way to watch the pelicans on the river. Then we headed for Cataract Gorge Reserve, also very close and a wonderful nature walk for the locals. I had a special thought for my high-school friend Bonny and her husband Clyde who came here 36 years ago. Unfortunately, the sun had disappeared, but we still enjoyed the hour’s walk which took us to the Second Basin and back.

Cataract Gorge

Now we’re back home and are going to try some of the spring lamb that we frisking around the fields wherever we go.

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2 thoughts on “Launceston – Tamar River Conservation Area & Cataract Gorge”

  1. No doubt things have changed since we were there! I remember crossing over the gorge by walking the suspension bridge and being so petrified was not game to walk back that way. Clyde had similar feelings about taking the chair lift but we ended up going back on the chair lift!

  2. Ah, then I shall pat myself on the back. I am very scared of heights, but I only needed to hold on to Relationnel just a little bit to go halfway across the suspension bridge. He didn’t see any point in going the rest of the way so we continued the path up to the Second Basin. I would NEVER have taken the chair lift though even if I used to take them without any problem.

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