Devonshire Tea en français in Queensland and Seafood at the Regatta in NSW

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One of the unexpected spinoffs of writing a blog is making new friends. I started blogging last October and I’ll never forget the thrill when I received an email just before Christmas from Barb in Sydney, whom I didn’t know, telling me how much she enjoyed my blog. We tried to meet up last summer in Paris but the dates just never worked out. However, despite all the odds, we managed to have a quick glass of champagne at Barb’s place while we were in Sydney three weeks ago. Our only regret was that the visit was so short. I hope we’ll do better next time.

Jill and her Devonshire Tea

When Jill from the Gold Coast mentioned in a comment on Aussie in France that she was coming to Paris with her two bridesmaids in May, I suggested we meet up. We had a very pleasant morning tea at A Priori Thé near the Palais Royal. And today, Jill served us Devonshire Tea in her lovely new home in Reedy Creek with its wide-sweeping view of the Gold Coast. For those who don’t know what Devonshire Tea is, it’s fresh scones, butter, jam and cream. Delicious.

Jill’s view on a rather muggy day

She was very nervous about speaking French before a “pro” but once she got going, she did very well and Relationnel was able to have a real conversation for the first time since we left Sydney with someone apart from me and my children! When we got in the car afterwards, he said how fortunate he was to reap the benefits of my blog. I was delighted of course. Jill’s immense joie de vivre and love of everything French were a wonderful antidote for my sadness at having said goodbye to Leonardo and my brother and family.

Seafood basket at the Aqua Broadwater Restaurant at Labrador

On the way home, we went past Regatta in Tweed Heads South, a seafood restaurant on the Tweed River and found a table with a lovely view of the water. The last time we were on the Gold Coast – three years ago – we had an unforgettable seafood basket further up the coast at what used to be the Aqua Broadwater Restaurant at Labrador. The Regatta’s wasn’t quite as good but we still enjoyed it.

Regatta restaurant in Tweed Heads South

Tomorrow we move onto the last leg of our journey: Brisbane.

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13 thoughts on “Devonshire Tea en français in Queensland and Seafood at the Regatta in NSW”

  1. Ne sois pas triste, tu vas nous retrouver en France …..
    Et merci pour ton blog , c est une évasion, une source de bonheur et une joie positive sur tous les sujets que tu abordes

  2. Awww – but the pleasure is all ours. Thank you again for your blog and the delightfully quirky take on life in Paris. We may not have got to meet in Paris, but I was, thanks to you, the recipient of a most wonderful private Paris Muse of the Orangerie. Glad you are finding a little to eat. Barb

  3. My goodness, that seafood platter looks delicious! I am relatively new to blogging . Generally speaking, I tend to browse frenchy blogs, without commenting…but I am so glad I did on your blog, Fraussie.. otherwise I wouldnt have had the wonderful experience of meeting up in Paris..and finding, even though we hardly knew each other, that we hit it off very well. It was a very special treat to have you and Relationnel in our australian home. From now on I am going to be more actively involved on blogs and hopefully I am not classed as a nutter! 🙂 Jill

  4. Ahh I dream of living your life one day, Fraussie!

    Ive been reading your blog for awhile and am sooo insanely jealous. Im 21 & live on the Sunshine Coast with my French boyfriend (nearly defacto hopefullly) and cannot wait to live in France one day.. I went to France for a month last December (a week in Paris and three in Lyon) and I’ve had a bad case of what I can only describe as homesickness ever since!

    Hope your Aussie trip is going well!


    (Im just about to finish up my French for Beginners course… Im hooked!)

    1. Hi Caitlin and welcome! You, too, must have been French in another life. I’m sure your dream will one day come true.

  5. Wow those seafood platters are something else! I’m glad you are enjoying your time so much. Jill’s Devonshire Tea looks delicious and I love the tea cups.

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