Monday’s Travel Photos – Brisbane, Australia

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When I was growing up in Townsville, North Queensland, which has a current population of  200,000 (80,000 back in those days), Brisbane, the State capital and my mother’s birthplace, which now has over 2 million people (600,000 in my childhood), was the “big smoke”. I found it confusing more than anything as I followed my mother, always a keen shopper, through the busy streets. It was not until Black Cat spent a year at the University of Queensland in 2006 that I could say I really visited it.

Today, I think it is a lovely and very dynamic city, with its own special atmosphere. I particularly like the south bank area along the Brisbane River right in the centre of the city.

Kurilpa solar-powered bridge in Brisbane
A bird’s eye view of Brisbane buses from the overpass to South Bank
A bougainvillea walkway on South Bank
Streets Beach, a unique, man-made swimming beach overlooking the Brisbane River
Goodwill Bridge for pedestrians, cyclists and inline skaters


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8 thoughts on “Monday’s Travel Photos – Brisbane, Australia”

  1. I used to love the Southbank. I went to the World Expo that originally created it several times. One positive thing Joh gave us I suppose 🙂 Have they got rid of that hideous motorway flyover on the opposite riverbank? I seem to remember the whole area was badly damaged in the flood two years ago. The Southbank certainly looks well and truly regenerated now though. I guess we’ll see for ourselves in a month’s time.

    1. I shall let current Brisbanites answer the question about the hideous motorway flyover on the opposite bank. How long since you’ve been back?

  2. The Bougainvillea walkway is really special I walking along it :)..not that I go there much..I’m not a fan of the drive to Brissy..but there is always the train 🙂

  3. Susan, do you mean the Riverside Expressway? If so, it is still there.
    Southbank is rather wonderful. the Art Galleries, State Library, Theatres, etc. I remember visiting Brisbane in the late 60s when I though it was too big, too hilly, too dirty… However from 2000-2004 I had occasion to go to Brisbane monrthly for meetings and either staying with my daughters at St Lucia or with friends in various parts of Brisbane go to know it fairly well. Two daughters live on opposite sides of Brisbane at the moment, one at Redcliffe and the other outside Ipswich so I still try to get down there reasonably often. I agree that it is a very attractive city these days.

    1. Expressway! that’s the word I want, not flyover. Thanks Jane’s Cousin. Yes the hideous and shameful environmental scandal that is the Riverside Expressway. I had hoped it had been so badly damaged in the flood the authorities would have come up with a more appropriate traffic solution.

      You are right though — the State Art Gallery, the Natural History Museum, the events facilities — all fab.

      Fraussie — it’s been 15 years I think since I was in Brisbane.

  4. I agree with Jane’s cousin. I enjoy living here and love visiting Southbank and the art galleries etc. The hideous flyover is very efficient for getting from one side on the river to the other. I find it sleek and efficient.

  5. Thank you for your input Lyn and Jane’s cousin. When Black Cat was living in Brisbane, she had never heard the word “flyover” and thought people were saying “bike path”. She couldn’t understand why they were always talking about taking the “bike path”! We did laugh when I told her it was “flyover”!

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