Monday’s Photo of the Week – Blois autumn afternoon

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This winter we’ll be spending quite a lot of time in Blois. This photo was taken from the Mail Saint Jean riverside road looking towards Vienne with Pont Gabriel on the right. The second photo was taken downstream of the same bridge. The river as suddenly picked up speed.


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2 thoughts on “Monday’s Photo of the Week – Blois autumn afternoon”

    1. Hi Jane, we found the house about two years ago and bought it in April 2012 so I blogged a lot around those two dates. Last winter, we renovated the Renaissance fireplace so I blogged about it as well. If you look under “renovation” you’ll find quite a few posts.
      I never thought I would be happy living outside Paris, but our apartment in the Palais Royal is part of Jean Michel’s job so when he retires on 1st October 2014, we have to move. We can’t afford to buy anything in a similar location and both wanted to live in a house so we listed our criteria (not too far from Paris, State forest for mushroom picking, river to fish in, reasonably-sized town, etc.) and Blois seemed a good solution. We fell in love with the house and Blois and went from there. Over the years my focus has changed. I used to go to every single exhibition that was showing but now I prefer to travel and visit new places. I’m also more interested in architecture than painting these days. We’ve made lots of friends, both locally and through the Loire Connexion. So far, I’m certainly not bored!

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