Friday’s French – relâche

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It’s actually Saturday, but we’ve had two days away cycling around Saumur and are now gardening like mad so this is going to be a very quick post.


Relâche is what you say when there is no performance. If a cinema is closed on Mondays, for example, you’d say, le lundi est le jour de relâche du cinéma.

Prendre un peu de relâche means to take a short break, which is what we have just done. Sans relâche means relentlessly (without letting up).

The verb relâcher comes from the Latin relaxare which obviously gave us the verb relax.

Alors, j’ai pris un peu de relâche après avoir travaillé sans relâche pendant presqu’un mois. Résultat: c’est relâche pour Friday’s French.

See you on Monday!

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2 thoughts on “Friday’s French – relâche”

  1. Relâche is also what Jean Louis, our mechanic, says to Simon when they are working on a car and he wants Simon to take his foot off the brake. The instruction to put your foot on the brake is appui. I always think of them as translating as ‘release’ and ‘press’.

    Bon jardinage!

    1. Yes, relâcher actually has a few different meanings though they are all connected with the idea of letting go.

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