Weekly Blogger Round-Up: Food shopping in Europe – Bridges of Ljubljana

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In this week’s round-up, Carolyn from Holidays to Europe takes us on a quick food shopping tour of Europe while Adelina from Pack Me To provides an excellent explanation of the beautiful and fastastic bridges of Ljubljana in Slovenia, one of my favourite cities. Enjoy!

A Quick Guide to Shopping Etiquette in Europe

by Carolyn from Holidays to Europe, an Australian based business passionate about sharing their European travel expertise and helping travellers to experience the holiday in Europe they have always dreamed of

french-boulangerieWhether you are on an escorted coach tour or travelling around Europe independently, at some point during your holiday you are going to need to buy something from a shop. It might just be a snack at a convenience store, a gift for a someone back home, or you might even need to stock up on groceries. Whatever it is you’re buying, it’s good to know some basic shopping etiquette and what to expect in stores and at the markets in Europe. Read more

The Beautiful and Fantastic Bridges of Ljubljana

by Adelina from Pack Me To, a Chinese American who’s been traveling for as long as she can remember and has lived in the Netherlands and Hungary. She loves telling stories, and eating and exploring her way around the world

adelinawong.caWandering about Ljubljana, you’d be immediately struck by how many bridges there are connecting parts of the inner city. You’d probably think that there is nothing special about the bridges – they just connect medieval Ljubljana to modern Ljubljana, more a means to an end. However, if you look closely, you can easily tell them apart. Each of them have unique features and have their own stories to tell. Read more

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Blogger Round-Up: Food shopping in Europe – Bridges of Ljubljana”

  1. Thanks for including me, Rosemary – much appreciated.

    I really enjoyed Adelina’s post – it’s very timely as I’m heading to Ljubljana soon so I’ll be sure to check out all the bridges she has mentioned.

    1. You’re very welcome Carolyn. Have a lovely time in Ljubljana. It’s a beautiful city.

    2. I hope you manage to get good photos. The bridges are actually quite hard to take and Adelina did an excellent job.

  2. Thanks for including me Rosemary! I never really thought about etiquette when grocery shopping in Europe, I just followed people’s lead and fell into the habit, but it is a good to know for visitors to Europe.

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