A Welcome Break from Packing – my Daughter and the Fondation Louis Vuitton

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For the last week, I have been packing, moving and unpacking virtually non-stop, with the wonderful exception of Monday between 10 am and 2.30 pm which I spent with my daughter on a flying visit from New York visiting the Fondation Louis Vuitton, an extraordinary building that I will describe when I am not feeling quite so exhausted. In the mean time, here are a couple of photos. For any of you who read my other blog, Loire Daily Photo, I have a technical problem that is keeping me from posting. I hope it will be resolved soon.



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14 thoughts on “A Welcome Break from Packing – my Daughter and the Fondation Louis Vuitton”

  1. Looks a very impressive building Rosemary and lovely you could share the experience with your daughter. I’m just in the process of adjusting to our younger daughter moving to London so I can understand how wonderful it would have been to have your daughter visiting you from from New York! Hope you can get a bit of a rest soon after all the moving and also that you get your technical issues resolved soon! “Bon week-end” 🙂

  2. Thanks Rosemary. I missed my daughter the last time she was here (we were on holiday in Germany) so this visit was just perfect, making my last day something to truly remember.
    I’m hoping my son will get the website going again soon but today is his birthday so I will wait for the weekend!

  3. Great architecture and as always captured so well by your lens.
    What an exciting time for you. So many memories as you pack and so many memories yet to be made.

    1. Exciting and exhausting! I’m still not feeling energetic enough to write a proper post about the foundation. Maybe in a couple of weeks’ time …

  4. Such a coincidence that we were that we were at this amazing building on its opening day at the same time! And such a shame we missed each other, but I’m glad to see you were with your daughter and even if technology hadn’t let me down trying to reach you I imagine it wasn’t the time to meet anyway. One day we will!

    1. It certainly was a coincidence and I would have loved to meet up but you’re right – it was a mother/daughter day and I don’t get them often now that she lives in NY.

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