Best Nine Instagram Photos for 2015

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These are my nine most “liked” photos on Instagram for the year. Four are châteaux of the Loire and two are the flowers in my garden!

Top: Chenonceau, Sully, my wisteria

Middle: Grenada, foie gras and vouvray in front of our fireplace, Chambord

Bottom: Chenonceau (from the other side), spring blossoms in Chouzy, our Pierre Ronsard roses

Which is your favourite?

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21 thoughts on “Best Nine Instagram Photos for 2015”

  1. Je vote pour le château de Sully même si la photo de Grenade me rappelle le souvenir très agréable de la découverte du site.

  2. I’m so envious of the Wisteria (or should we say Glycine) that it has to be my favourite. Happy New Year to you both.

    1. The first year, we didn’t prune it very well, but now we know how to do it. It is so lovely. The leaves last a long time – they are only just falling off now.

  3. Tough choice, they all look lovely like this. I think probably Sully at a pinch, with its beautiful reflection. I can’t get the best9 to work for me, I just get errors, it’s very frustrating. Bonne année Rosemary!

  4. I would say Sully is my favorite photo.
    But a glass of good wine in front of your fireplace give a Holiday spirit and I wish you to see the New Year in this way!We wish all the best for 2016 to you both!
    Much love from Sofia and Plovdiv,
    Anna and Rumen

    1. Hello Anna, thank you for voting. Jean Michel and I also wish you and Rumen all the best in 2016 with lots of home exchanges!

    1. Thank you Fiona. And all the best for your move to France in 2016 What area will you be going to? I see that you’re Aussie!

  5. What a great display of beauty! I don’t know which one of them I like more, but if I were to pick one I’d probably choose the one from Closerie Falaiseau with the glycine around the window. It brings back some sweet memories from our trip to Loire Valley, two years ago and the great time we had at your place. Have a wonderful year in 2016!

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