Meet the Bollards in Geelong

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As we drive along the waterfront at Geelong on the way to our home exchange in Drysdale, our host Jill mentions something called “bollards” which, she says, are a reflection of the town’s history. When we return to Geelong for a longer visit, we discover them in greater detail and find them most endearing. To quote the Bollard trail walk brochure, “Over 100 bollards are installed right around the Waterfront from Limeburner’s Point to Rippleside Park. Artist Jan Mitchell was commissioned by the City of Greater Geelong in 1995 to transform reclaimed timber pier pylons into these remarkable works of art.” We don’t get to see them all, but here are the ones we did meet.

26_27_captains 25_sailor_woman 24_geelong_baths 23_rifle_band 22_tram_conductress 21_scallop_fishermen_woman 20_fireman 19_yacht_club_lady 18_de_carteret 17_geelong_footballer 16_pierrot_front 16_pierrot_back 15_sandwichboard_man 14_town_baths_swimming_club 13_bathing_beauties_front 13_bathing_beauties_back 11_car_rally_picnic_club 10_macdonald_9_johnstone 8_eastern_beach_life_savers 28_victoria_swimmers 31_peter_lalor




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6 thoughts on “Meet the Bollards in Geelong”

  1. How fantastic! Another ‘must do’ for me.
    I’ve been without wifi for a few days so not sure if you are still in Oz. If so, I do hope you are avoiding the awful weather down south.

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