Off the Beaten Track in Madrid

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Apart from the Prado, Madrid’s main attraction to me are all the unusual things you keep coming across that I’ve never seen anywhere else. These are just some of them.

You can just see a building on the left that’s a squat and has signs up that seem to indicate the people have been evicted. During the day, all their clothes and furniture are gathered together in the middle of the square (Santa Cruz) and at night, they line up their mattresses under the nearby arches.

How to keep warm in a terrace café!

We saw a lot of cartoon characters in various places throughout Madrid posing for photos and asking for money.

Particularly in front of the Palacio Real, various invisible men were to be seen. This was my favourite.

The “living statue” is a well-known attraction everywhere in Europe but we were not convinced that this “escapee from Vesusius” was really alive. I think he might just set up his plaster cast and collect the money at the end of the day!

There are many shops with this type of fashion. Always very colourful. Lots of fabric shops as well which have virtually disappeared in Paris outside the Quartier Saint Pierre.

We came across seemingly hundreds of these queues and couldn’t work out what they were all about until we eventually came to a church that was bursting with people already.

Another indication of how alive religion still is in Spain is this stall on the Sunday flea market.

And on the same flea market, just look at this sofa!

On the same market, the dummies are obviously having a whale of a time.

I don’t know whether the emergency medical service is a colourful in the rest of Spain!

Our Plaza Mayor turned into a very busy and eclectic collectors’ market on Sunday.

Anyone for crisps?

And you can follow them up with sweets …

And last, but not least, we have Cervantes with his famous Don Quixote and Sancho Panza with a typical skyscraper from the Franco era (1950s).

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