Sunday’s Travel Photos – Mostar – Bosnia Herzegovina

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I described our visit to Mostar in Part 4 of My Croatian Itinerary series. It was a terribly hot murky day and it felt as though we had reached the end of the earth, but the little cobbled street leading up to the famous arch bridge and over the other side was absolutely full of tourists. It was so wonderful when we finally reached the shady inner courtyard of the Ottoman house and had it to ourselves.

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2 Responses to Sunday’s Travel Photos – Mostar – Bosnia Herzegovina

  1. Andrea says:

    A had a bit of a travel mishap when I went to Mostar and had to leave less than 1 hour after arriving. Looks like I missed out on visiting a beautiful city.

  2. Fraussie says:

    That’s bad luck! It’s the only place I visited in Bosnia Herzegovina though so I have no comparison. Lot of tourists!

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