Monday’s Travel Photos – Regensburg, Germany

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The medieval town of Regensburg at the confluence of the Regen and Danube Rivers in Bavaria, is on the Unesco World Heritage list. Its many buildings of exceptional quality include ancient Roman, Romanesque and Gothic constructions and reflect its history as a trading centre and to its influence on the region from the 9th century. Regensburg’s 11th- to 13th-century architecture – including the market, city hall and cathedral, medieval patrician houses and towers, a large number of churches and monastic ensembles and the 12th-century Old Bridge –  defines the character of the town marked by tall buildings, dark and narrow lanes, and strong fortifications. You may remember our unforgettable meal in its most famous restaurant, Historische Wurstkuchl, when we were cycling along the Danube.

Main square

Haidplatz, the Old Town market square with the Fountain of Justice 

Other side of main square

The other side of the market square 

mediaeval houses

A typical mediaeval street

The 14th century rathaus (town hall)

The 14th century rathaus (town hall) 

A wedding in the xxx church

A wedding in the Alte Kapelle with participants in typical Bavarian dress 

Town gate leading to the Old Bridge

Town gate leading to the Old Bridge 

The Old Bridge

The Old Bridge 

Part of the city wall

The remains of the east tower of Port Praetoria from Ancient Roman times 

Regensburg Cathedral - Dom Saint Peter

Regensburg Cathedral – Dom Saint Peter

Clock towers

Everywhere you go, you see clock towers


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