Place de la République

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Place de la République

Place de la République

They’ve been fixing up Place de la République for ages but I only saw it finished very recently and I don’t see what they’ve really achieved, except for reducing traffic. It doesn’t look anything like the architectural sketches published by the Mairie de Paris.

But then, maybe the fact that I was feeling under the weather influenced me! This is my sixth day of LA GRIPPE (the flu) and hopefully my last. My translation work is way behind schedule so I’m sure you’ll understand why my posts this week are a little on the light side!

And before I go, a little video link provided by a reader on English accents and accents in English that I’m sure you’ll enjoy, courtesy of A Cup of Jo.

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3 Responses to Place de la République

  1. Ohhh sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly. That really is a shame. A big warm cup of tea for you – and rest. (from your fellow SITS-ah)

  2. Dropping by from your SITS tribe 🙂 I think the name la grippe is so appropriate for the flu. Seems to convey the utter pain of having the flu. Hope you feel better soon!

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