Monkeys in the Louvre and Other Strange Things in Paris

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And there he was, just hanging out the window of the Louvre with absolutely no one taking any notice of him, up to some monkey business no doubt.

And today, I walked past Stella McCartney’s shop in the Palais Royal and the dummies had lost their heads (not to mention the reflection of the gallery gates on their torsos).








At Place de l’Etoile the other night, I came across a huge Christmas cracker!

At Halloween, Miss Bibi had the most intriguing little man sitting on a pumpkin.








And get this statue walking through a gallery on the Champs Elysees looking like the Invisible Man!

Where else but Paris?

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6 thoughts on “Monkeys in the Louvre and Other Strange Things in Paris”

  1. Yes, they are usually pretty good. They should be up by now so I’ll take my camera along this weekend.
    I like the Stella McCartney spring display you indicated. The flowers are more engaging than the metal heads!

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