Coles Bay and Bicheno, Tasmania

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Our Launceston home exchange hosts have a house in Coles Bay on the east coast of Tasmania where we are spending three nights. We have the most marvellous view of the Hazards (1590 feet)

The Hazards from Coles Bay

Yesterday morning, we went for a one-hour walk along the beach to Freycinet Lodge and saw the famous red stones you see in all the photos of the area.

Red stones on Coles Bay beach with The Hazards in the background
Red stones on Coles Bay beach

Today we went to Bicheno, about 35 K away, once the home of whalers and sealers and famous for its penguins but you only see them at dusk and have to go on a special tour. So we went to visit the Blow Hole instead.

The Blow Hole at Bicheno

After that, we went to the Gulch, which is a little fishing port, and bought some fresh deepsea fish whose name I unfortunately can’t remember!

The Gulch, Bicheno

We then decided to drive north a bit and came to East Coast Nature World. We debated whether or not to go in and didn’t regret our choice. I had never seen a Tasmanian devil and certainly not two curled up together in the sun after a big feast on dead possum!

Tasmanian Devils

There were also lots of very tame wallabies and kangaroos, including one with a cute little joey sticking out of her pouch.

Not to mention this stunning pheasant imported from Asia.

Asian pheasant

We then went back to Bicheno to have lunch at the Sea Life Centre and soak up its stunning views of the white sandy beaches and turquoise water. We had freshly caught white head (?) and a glass of sauvignon blanc from Springvale vineyards which was our next visit.

Bicheno Beach

At Springvale, recommended by friends, we tasted their two pinot noirs, both pleasant, one oaked (2009) the other not (2012). Relationnel ordered one of each, not realising he waslooking at the 1/2 bottle prices. The full bottles cost 25 and 40 dollars. Gulp!

Springvale vineyard, Tasmania
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  1. Sounds very nice – but tell Relationnel that that is exactly the kind of thing that happens to me in Paris. Perhaps it is the universe redistributing the funds?!

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