Photo of the Week – My Wisteria

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wisteriaEach time our wisteria blooms I fall in love with it again! This year, it’s early of course, but it means we get to enjoy it for longer before we have to go back to Paris.

Below is a photo taken last year by a lovely American couple from North Carolina who rented Closerie Falaiseau from mid-April to mid-May. Because they knew how much we love the wisteria, they had this photo mounted on canvas, framed it themselves and sent it to us as a wonderful surprise. Wasn’t that a lovely thought?

And I’ve only just realised that it is when the leaves grow that the wisteria looks its best!



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11 thoughts on “Photo of the Week – My Wisteria”

  1. Greetings from Sydney (where it’s just starting to be a little cool in the mornings),
    It is amazing how much your plants have grown and your garden matured in only 12 months. It must be very rewarding to see it all looking so beautiful.

    1. Hi Bill, I think that weeding and pruning help! We’re getting better at it though I wonder sometimes if I’m not growing dandelions instead of grass.

  2. You have such a beautiful home. And the wisteria is a wonderful addition. The wisteria is starting to pop here as well of course. Should be at peak before long. I have camera in hand.

    So it turns out people from North Carolina can be nice after all !

    1. Thank you. The previous owners did a wonderful job with all the vegetation, carefully planned so that new flowers keep appearing. Some of the most stunning wisteria in the area is between Amboise and Tours, especially around Vouvray and Roche Corbon. You’ll need to go for a bike ride!

      I hope your remark about North Carolina doesn’t refer to anything I might have said. I’ve met lots of wonderful Americans and the ones who stay in our stay are particularly nice. Another lovely couple from Michigan is coming back for the third time in September.

  3. Yes, a thoughtful gift. No doubt, you showed your guests a wonderful time! Your wisteria are lush and beautiful, Rosemary ~ and my absolute favorite color. Lavender (and periwinkle) ruled at my wedding. With flowers like these blooming throughout the Loire Valley, bicycle touring there will be even more fun than I imagined.

  4. There’s nothing like wisteria creeping on a wall or a flower box brimming with colourful geraniums to cheer my day. And nowhere does it better than Europe. How lovely that Spring has arrived early and you’ll be able to enjoy your flowering wisteria a little longer. Just make sure you take the time to smell the r…….. wisteria!

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