Gardening and Getting Ready for Germany

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Just in case regular readers have wondered where I’ve got to, I’ve been gardening flat out since we arrived in Blois on Thursday afternoon. It’s amazing just just how quickly the vegetation grows at this time of year. I have a theory about weeds too. As soon as you plant something that you want to grow, a similar-looking weed springs up!  So I have been doing a lot of weeding.

geraniumsI was worried about our geraniums which didn’t look as though they were going to produce many flowers but I think they were just waiting for the warmer weather.

After spending another day gardening and packing, we’re all set for our annual one-month cycling holiday – back to Germany again. Last year we cycled 1100 K along the Danube and I think it was my most enjoyable holiday yet.

After reading about Saxon Switzerland on Travel Notes and Beyond, we decided we would cycle along the Elbe this year.  However, we are stopping off along the Moselle on the way and starting with an initial 4-night stay in Koblenz.

I’ll meet your there!


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