Weekly Blogger Round-Up: Safe Solo Travel Tips for Women – Supplements for Single Travellers – Family Travel Tips for Iceland

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We have an all-Australian line-up for this week’s Blogger Round-Up, starting with some excellent tips from Jo Karnaghan from Frugal First Class Travel on safe travel for solo women. Carolyn from Holidays to Europe  then discusses another aspect of solo travel – why single travellers have to pay a supplement. And to end up on a completely different note, Phoebe from Lou Messugo tells us how you can take your family to Iceland on a budget. Enjoy!

Brilliant Readers’ Safety Tips for Solo Women Travellers

by Jo Karnaghan from Frugal First Class Travel, an Australian who loves to travel – especially in Europe – and who has gradually learned how to have a First Class trip on an economy budget, without missing out on anything!

frugal_solo_travellersIf you follow me on Facebook or Pinterest you will know that, like many bloggers, I repost old content periodically. It’s a good opportunity to connect new followers to some of my older content, and to share old content that is still valid and timely. Recently I re-shared a post on tips for safe solo female travellers. While I was very pleased with the content of my post, I was blown away by the comments from other women travellers. What started out as a small post on my perspective as a female solo traveller turned into a fantastic community of great ideas. Re-reading the post and the comments I’ve been inspired to create a new post – this time curated by me, but with brilliant content provided by real frugalfirstclasstravel readers. Read more

Why Do Single Travellers Have to Pay a Supplement

by Carolyn from Holidays to Europe, an Australian based business passionate about sharing their European travel expertise and helping travellers to experience the holiday in Europe they have always dreamed of

Positive smiling woman wearing sunglasses planning her vacationOne question I was asked many times over the years I worked as a travel consultant was ‘why do single travellers have to pay a supplement?’ Firstly, let me assure you that it’s not because tour companies don’t like single travellers! The reason that solo travellers have to pay a supplement on the price of their tour or cruise comes down to the accommodation component of their trip.

Let’s say a hotel room costs the equivalent of $250 per night and a tour lasts for seven nights. That’s a total room cost of $1750. If two people are sharing the room, they would pay $875 each but if the room is only occupied by one person then that person has to cover the entire room cost of $1750. In this case, a tour company would generally charge a single supplement of $875 or thereabouts in addition to the tour or cruise fare so that the full cost of the hotel room is covered. Read more

8 Tips for a Family Holiday in Iceland on a Budget

by Phoebe from Lou Messugo, a traveller, francophile, expat, mum and foodie now living in Roquefort les Pins where she runs a gîte after many years of travelling and living in Asia, Eastern Europe and Australia.

lou_messugo_hiking_in_IcelandIceland is notorious as an expensive destination and probably doesn’t spring to mind as a place to go with children, but it’s totally possible and heaps of fun for families, if you follow my Top Tips for adventure on a budget.  I spent 2 weeks in Iceland in the summer of 2014 with my husband and 2 children (aged 9 and 14) and didn’t spend a fortune, and yet we had the best holiday in a long time. This is how we did it. Read more

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Blogger Round-Up: Safe Solo Travel Tips for Women – Supplements for Single Travellers – Family Travel Tips for Iceland”

  1. Thanks for including me in your weekly round-up, Rosemary – what great company I’m in. I read Jo’s post on tips for solo travellers when she first published and it’s great to now re-read and see all the added tips she’s received from her readers.

    As for Iceland, that is definitely on my bucket list so, even though I won’t be travelling with children, Phoebe’s post will be really handy.

  2. Thank you so much for the tips! nothing is worse than getting sick while traveling, especially when you’re a solo traveler. so far, i think i’m lucky that i’ve never got into a bad situation like that while traveling, but it’s always good to take some precaution before departure. ?

    1. Thank you for your comment but this post was actually written by another blogger, Jo Karnaghan who also runs a very useful FaceBook group called France Travel Planning that you might find interesting.

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