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Eating Well in the Cinque Terre – A Self-Guided Tour of Copenhagen

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This week’s blogger round-up takes us to two very different parts of the world. Jo Karnagan from Frugal First Class Travel gives tips to eating well in the Cinque Terre, that  wonderful area on the west coat of Italy that I’ve blogged about in the past and where I probably had the best seafood meal ever, while Laurence and Vera from Finding the Universe take us on a self-guided tour of Copenhagen, home of the Little Mermaid and definitely on my wish list, illustrated with their usual stunning photographs. Enjoy!

Eating Well in the Cinque Terre

by Frugal First Class Travel, an Australian who loves to travel – especially in Europe – and who has gradually learned how to have a First Class trip on an economy budget, without missing out on anything!

cinque_terreThe Cinque Terre is, like much of Italy, pure joy for frugalfirstclasstravellers.  It is easy to eat well on fantastic local, seasonal food, and drink fabulous local wines, all at a bargain price!  What’s not to love?  So, here is the official frugalfirstclasstravel guide to eating and drinking well in the Cinque Terre:

Food  – The Cinque Terre is all about fish and other fresh seafoods.  Red meat and poultry is not well represented (and in some places not represented at all) on restaurant menus, so seafood is the way to go here. Read more

A self-guided tour of Copenhagen

by Laurence from Finding the Universe, of British origin who, with German-born Vera are travellers, into writing and photography, slowly exploring the world.

copenhagenThere are definitely more comfortable places to sit than on Hans Christian Andersen’s left knee. On top of that, instead of telling me a story out of the book that is resting on his right knee, he is staring over to the Tivoli, the famous theme park, completely ignoring me.

Well, I can’t say that’s good manners but I do understand why he is like that. Who even knows how many people sit on his lap on a daily basis to have their picture taken. Apart from that, it’s a really nice sunny day in Copenhagen, with the first flowers announcing that spring might finally have arrived after this long cold winter. So maybe Hans is just day-dreaming.

I, on the other hand, ain’t got time for that! I arrived here in Denmark’s capital yesterday and I have only today to see the city. Luckily it’s very walkable. Hey, why don’t you guys tag along? Yes? Cool! But I’m warning you: I’m a fast walker… Alright, let’s go! Read more

Barcelona: Gastronomic Dining – Things to do in Barcelona – Gaudi’s Barcelona

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The posts on my Wednesday Bloggers’ Round-Up today are all by Australians (or people with Australian connections) and all on the subject of Barcelona. Kathy Stanford from Femmes Francophiles has suggestions for both fine dining and casual dining in Barcelona, Craig Makepeace from Y Travel Blog offers lots of insider tips on things to do while Laurence from Finding the Universe offers us spectacular photos of Gaudi’s monuments that I can’t wait to visit! So let’s go to Barcelona!

Barcelona: Gastronomic Dining

by Kathy Stanford from Femmes Francophiles, an Australian who an ongoing passion for France and the French language just back in Australia after a holiday in Europe

barcelona_fine_diningI visited Spain for the first time in 2001 as part of a whirlwind tour around Europe. I couldn’t understand people who raved about Spanish food. The food served to tourists on bus trips is generally lacking flavour and unexciting. All this changed last year when I stayed with Isa and Julio in Andalusia. What a revelation.

In January this year, in addition to tapas, I was fortunate to dine in the Michelin starred Cinc Sentits restaurant in Barcelona. Read more

Things to do in Barcelona

By Australian blogger Craig Makepeace from Y Travel Blog, who, with Caz, believes  that life is about creating great memories and making it a story to tell, and they do that through travel.

things-to-do-in-barcelona-13Looking for tips on things to do in Barcelona? As part of our city guides series, we interviewed Mariana Calleja from Travel Thirst who has been in Barcelona since January 2010, fell in love with the place, and decided to stay longer. Mariana shares with us her insider tips on the best things to do inBarcelona plus where to eat, sleep, drink, shop and explore. Why Visit BarcelonaBarcelona is a very rich city in many aspects. The easiest way… Read more

 Gaudi’s Barcelona

by Laurence from Finding the Universe, of British origin who, with German-born Vera, are both travellers, into writing and photography, slowly exploring the world.

Sagrada Familia Interior Gaudi Barcelona beamsGaudí. It’s kind of hard to visit Barcelona without spending your time gaping in awe at the architectural and artistic genius that he left behind all over the city.

A great deal of my week in Barcelona was therefore spent, gaping in awe, at his many truly incredible constructions. As well as gaping, I was also taking the odd photograph, which I’m sharing with you today. I wasn’t able to visit every bit of work he did, but I’d like to think that I took in the serious highlights.

In a future post I’ll be going more into the details of what to see and do in Barcelona. For now though, less detail: more eye candy.

Lets start with… Read more

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