Sunday’s Travel Photos – Lake Annecy France

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8 Responses to Sunday’s Travel Photos – Lake Annecy France

  1. Pascal says:

    Hi Rosemary,
    I’m from Grenoble and I often went to Annecy, I love it.
    I notice in your article in MyFrenchLife that you were planning to write a book and replaced that project with a blog. I did the opposite, I published a bilingual book on France and then continued writing on a blog ( and also on MyFrenchLife. It was a lot of work but a great experience – if you want to know more, I’m happy to answer any of your questions.

    • Fraussie says:

      Hi Pascal. Thanks for dropping by. I’ve never been to Grenoble. I shall check out your blog and get in touch with you about the book because I do have a project to turn the blog posts into a book now that I’m writing every day, something I would never have managed to do before.

  2. The coincidences continue…

    Pascal, I won a copy of your book through the French Desire facebook page. I love that it is jam-packed full of photos and images and being bilingual it is accessible to a larger audience. Well done!

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  4. It is a really nice place. Thank for your share!

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