Spring in Paris

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My monthly post has just been published on MyFrenchLife. This time, it’s about spring. We’ve been cooped up and wrapped up for so long now that the warmer temperatures, new leaves and blossoms and blue skies feel like heaven!

Spring is hardly a very original subject, is it? But spring will always remain a source of wonderment for me. You see, I come from tropical North Queensland and until I was 22 I only knew about spring from books and poems. Read more.

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7 Responses to Spring in Paris

  1. CarolynB says:

    Loved the article and *gorgeous* photos, especially those magnolias just outside your window – so beautiful. Have heard great things about Parc de Sceaux and am now determined to get there sooner rather than later!

    Cheers and look forward to the Aussie embassy quiz night coming up — I’ve never done a pub quiz (or any quiz night!) either 🙂

    • Couldn’t agree more about the beautiful photos. Makes me dream even more about Paris. I have added Parc de Sceaux to my growing list of things to do.

      • Fraussie says:

        I’m not sure it’s worth it except in spring, but you can definitely go to the rose gardens at Hay les Roses because they are best in June.

    • Fraussie says:

      Thank you! I’ve sent an email to Parc de Sceaux to see whether the blossoms are out.

      Looking forward to tonight and the new pub quiz experience!

  2. Love your new photo at the top of your pages. Absolutely gorgeous.

    • Fraussie says:

      Thank you! It’s always tricky getting just the right light – and not too many people sitting right in front of the fountain.

  3. Redfern says:

    I love ‘the local park’ shots you post.

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