Sunset on the Tuileries

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I’ve already talked about the sunset in Paris but my very favourite spot is in the Tuileries Gardens. I don’t usually post this many photos at a time but I happened to be there recently when the sun and the sky were just perfect! They’re not of the sunset itself but of the changing light over the surrounding buildings and fountains. So come with me as I walk from the Concorde end of the gardens down to the Louvre and then we’ll have a drink at Café Marly!

The Grand Bassin at the Concorde end of the Tuileries

Now who would expect a goat in the Tuileries Gardens?

Small pool on the right of the gardens with the  Pavillion de Flore

The sailing boats are being carted off to the children’s disappointment

The Rue de Rivoli wing of the Louvre, Pavillion de Marsan

OId versus new

The Louvre Pyramid with the Carrousel Arch on the right

The Pyramid with the Pavillion de Flore on the right

Last rays on the Pavillion de Marsan

Café Marly at sunset
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