Tasmania Redeems Itself – the Devil’s Kitchen & Tasman’s Arch

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Tasmania has redeemed itself! Today THERE WAS SUN. Not sun all the time, mind you, because there was intermittent rain and it was about 8°C, but it was an enormous improvement over yesterday and all the other days since we arrived in Tasmania a week ago. So we went to Port Arthur. On the way, I saw a sign: Blow hole: 4, Devil’s Kitchen: 4, Tasman’s Arch: 4. None of these were mentioned in our guide book but I told Relationnel that with names like those, we had to follow the sign.

AND THIS IS WHAT WE SAW. It was mind-blowing. The photos are only a reminder of the sensations we actually experienced.

Blow hole

Tasman’s Arch

View from first lookout at Tasman’s Arch

View from second lookout

View from next lookout – absolutely breathtaking

Devil’s Kitchen lookout

And we nearly missed the next one. The sign says “Devil’s Kitchen Car park” but it should saw “Car park and viewing area”. Good thing Relationnel insisted.

View from Devil’s Kitchen car park

And, at Port Arthur, which I’ll talk about in another post, we had a full rainbow!

Rainbow at Port Arthur

Then, during the whole of our drive back to Hobart (1 1/2 hours), we were treated to a spectacular sunset.

Sunset in Tasmania

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