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May Flowers in the Loire

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I have never had any doubts about moving to Blois despite the dreary winter but spring in our garden and the surrounding villages and countryside is just so wonderful that I don’t think I could ever spend it anywhere else! Let me share some of our May flowers with you starting with the traditional lily-of-the-valley that Jean Michel picked for me in the garden.


Next come the Ronsard roses, viburnum and irises outside our front gate.

ronsard_irisesFollowed by the first rose to bloom – the Peace Rose. It has no scent but I love the colours and the story behind it. Only one flower seems to bloom at a time.

peace_roseThe climbing roses on the half-timbered tower at the corner of our house flowered next. They don’t have any scent either but are very romantic.


I love the weigela for its abundance. It grows at one end of our vegetable garden and is a little bit hidden away but will be very visible from our future kitchen side window.


And just look at the next one – it’s wattle, isn’t? I brought back seeds one time but had no success. Then I discovered we already had one in our little wood!


I took this photo on a rainy day. You can see the clematis on the wall which we planted two years ago and are very proud of. However, there is an armandii clematis which has been less successful. I accidentally broke the flowering end and it’s been sulking ever since.


These are the peonies in the little house next door. I’m going to try dividing the tubers in autumn.


The roses below are my favourites and bloom right up until December but May/June is the best period.


And below is the view out of my office room this morning – it corresponds to the window on the left in the photo above.



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