Sunday’s Travel Photos – Tivoli Gardens, Italy

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The Villa d’Este, more often call the Tivoli Gardens, is an easy visit from Rome. It’s no surprise that it’s on the UNESCO world heritage list. It has the most impressive number of fountains, nymphs and grottoes you could possibly imagine. It really is sheer magic. I nearly didn’t put the last photo in, because I think it’s actually rather grotesque, but it’s so well known that I thought I couldn’t leave it out!

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8 thoughts on “Sunday’s Travel Photos – Tivoli Gardens, Italy”

  1. I remember my mother seeing Villa D’Este on her first trip to Italy. She brought back a guide book with pictures like these.

  2. Thanks for the lovely photos, my camera was stolen after I had visited the gardens so I don’t have any photos. Despite this hiccup, I still loved Italy.

    1. How disappointing! That happened to me at the end of my first visit to Spain back in 1976. I left my camera with all the film I’d taken in the train. I realised about 5 minutes after I left my seat but by then, it was gone. And I still haven’t been back to anywhere except Seville!

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