Pickpockets on the Metro in Paris – Siena – an Italian escape – Burgundy at a Glance

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The posts from other blogs that I’m featuring this Wednesday are by American blogger Mary Kay, from Out and About in Paris, who is a fund of useful and interesting information and will help you have a pickpocket-free holiday, fellow Australian and photographer Karina from Carams who takes us to Siena in Tuscany and Doni Belau from Girls’ Guide to Paris who recommends a visit to Burgundy as a day trip or weekend out of Paris. Thanks to them all!

Monday Morning Musings on Pickpockets on the Metro in Paris

by Mary Kay, from Out and About in Paris

After dodging holiday shoppers and having my foot run over by a renegade baby stroller while visiting the Christmas Market on the Champs-Elysées yesterday, Stéphane, Sara and I decided to take metro line 1 from George V to Tuileries to have some hot chocolate. As we always seem to arrive at Angelina’s just after it has closed for the night, I stood on the metro platform with my back to the wall to check their opening hours on my iPhone. Stéphane and Sara were facing me, we were speaking English and for all anyone knew we were tourists in Paris. Read more.

Siena – an Italian escape

by Carina at Carams

Up until last year when we found ourselves in the area, Siena had never been near the top of my travel list. Yet there we were one morning, driving winding roads through Tuscan valleys, following signs to the old city, named (according to legend) after Senius, son of Remus, of the Remus & Romulus duo. Read more

Le Petit Weekend: Burgundy at a Glance

by Doni Belau from Girls Guide to Paris

As much as all Parisians love Paris, they also adore a petit weekend—a getaway, either a day trip from Paris or an entire weekend. Recently, during autumn, I hightailed it out of the city for a wine-tasting trip to Burgundy. My friend Kelly and I headed for Beaune, which is perfectly situated to explore both côtes, Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune. Read more

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3 thoughts on “Pickpockets on the Metro in Paris – Siena – an Italian escape – Burgundy at a Glance”

  1. Many thanks for featuring my post about the pickpockets on the metro. It’s always good for visitors and residents to remember that Paris is a large city where it’s best to take certain precautions while enjoying the beautiful sites.

    As we didn’t have the opportunity to talk during the bloggers’ get-together in the Marais the other night, I enjoyed reading your profile and getting to know more about you. I look forward to trying your restaurant recommendations!

    Thanks again for linking to my blog!

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