Monday’s Travel Photos – Seville

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We spent 5 days in Seville in February 2011 and loved it. The weather was sunny (except for the last day) and warm enough not to need gloves and to be able to sit outside to eat. The trees will also full of oranges! We stayed in a wonderful hotel called Las casas de la Juderia (the Jewish houses), full of labyrinths and surprises that I highly recommend. It’s always difficult to choose six photos but I think these are presentative of “my” Seville.



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10 thoughts on “Monday’s Travel Photos – Seville”

    1. You know, there will probably be fewer tourists and you just need to go the Spanish way and have a siesta! I’ll do a post on the places we visited as well when I get back to Paris because I don’t have my travel diary for Spain with me.

  1. I know that hotel! :))

    We lived on the Algarve for a year and scooted back and forth to Seville, squeezed in the Feria one year and had a magical and romantic year to never forget.

    Then once we’d moved to Paris, we went back (with one child along for the ride) and stayed at Juderia. I’d also recommend Dona Maria, a charming hotel right by the cathedral.

    I love Seville….for many reasons. A story for another day. 🙂

  2. Hi Carina, how wonderful to have scooted back and forth to Seville for a year! Thanks for the hotel recommendation that I might try another time if Juderia is booked out but it really is one of my favourite hotels. Unfortunately, it was winter so the underground baths weren’t operating.

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