Christmas is Over Already

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Black Cat left for New York today with the Flying Dutchman for Christmas and New Year, so we celebrated Christmas early his year, on Saturday evening, as both Relationnel’s sons were free as well. Leonardo, of course, was asleep in Sydney. I got back from Blois on Friday night so Relationnel and I spent Saturday rushing around buying the rest of the presents and ingredients for our Christmas feast. All very exhausting!


We started with 3 verrines (avocado, pink grapefruit & prawns;  eggplant purée, ricotta & cherry tomatoes; zucchini, basil & fromage blanc purée with parmesan chips & walnuts) and a spoon (pumpkin & spice purée) with a glass of champagne.

After that, we pulled the Christmas crackers and laughed at the silly jokes, followed by the present opening. We dispensed with the traditional shoes under the Christmas tree, which Black Cat had decorated earlier in the evening and Relationnel played Santa instead.


This was followed by (small portions of) spéciale oysters, smoked salmon and foie gras with quincy bought at the wine fair recently (a Loire Valley sauvignon not unlike sancerre) by which time I totally forgot to take any photos, which is a pity because the foie gras was decorated with mini muffins of my making, a few leaves of leafy greens and 15 year old balsamic vinegar. Three of the plates looked very professional.

The main course was côte de bœuf with Darphin potatoes (Black Cat’s choice) and oven-baked eggplant, zucchini and bell peppers, this time accompanied by a 1979 Saint Emilion.


Dessert consisted of two verrines – Columbian coffee panna cotta with Speculoos (Belgian brown sugar & ginger biscuits) and apple crumble & French custard – and the rest of the mini muffins, with another glass of champagne of course! No cake, of course, because I made it too late …

May I wish you all a very happy and joyous Christmas with a special thought for those who have suffered recent losses.

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7 thoughts on “Christmas is Over Already”

    1. Thank you Susan! And the same to you. I’m setting the alarm for 3 am so I can skype all my family in Australia.

        1. As it turned out, they woke me at 2.30 am, but I was happy to talk while everyone was still fresh and still present. Sydney has an extra hour, of course.

  1. Merry (belated) Christmas, Rosemary! It was a treat to see the photos of your holiday celebration. You reminded me that we have three Christmas crackers leftover from last year. I’ll have to dig them out of the closet.

    When will you be able to eat your Christmas cake?

    1. Thank you, Mary Kay, I know you’ve had your children with you. We have two crackers left for New Year, when we’ll also eat the cake, I hope. We are going back on Monday 31st to finish the fireplace and when it’s ready, we’ll celebrate New Year. We’re just hoping it’ll be before we come back again from Blois on 8th January!

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