Weekly Blogger Round-Up: Navigating Europe’s main airports – Riviera medieval festival – Packing Tips –

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 This week’s Blogger Round-Up is all-Australian, starting with Carolyn from Holidays to Europe with practical suggestions as usual, this time on how to get to and from Europe’s major airports. Phoebe from Lou Messugo gives a detailed description of a mediaeval festival on the French Riviera while Jo Karnaghan from Frugal First Class Travel gives more packing tips, based on other bloggers’ suggestions (including mine).  Enjoy!

Getting to and from Europe’s main airports (part 1)

by Carolyn from Holidays to Europe, an Australian based business passionate about sharing their European travel expertise and helping travellers to experience the holiday in Europe they have always dreamed of

Airport sign.After a 24 hour (or longer) flight to Europe from Australia, the last thing you probably feel like doing is working out how you are going to get from the airport into the city, and I don’t blame you! I’ve been there and somehow miraculously found my way from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport to my apartment via public transport and let me tell you, it was no fun – especially with one husband, two kids and assorted luggage in tow and only a miniscule understanding of French. Read more

Medieval Festival – Knights Templar on the Côte

by Phoebe from Lou Messugo, a traveller, francophile, expat, mum and foodie now living in Roquefort les Pins where she runs a gîte after many years of travelling and living in Asia, Eastern Europe and Australia.

Biot_templiers_6For three days every year in early April the lovely village of Biot (pronounced Bi-otte not Bi-oh as you may think if you know anything about French pronunciation) goes back in time to the 13th century.  The setting couldn’t be more perfect as the old centre of Biot is a fortified medieval hill village, perched just a couple of kilometres inland from the Mediterranean sea, commanding sweeping views out to sea one way and over to the mountains the other, creating the perfect backdrop for this historical event. Read more

Travel Bloggers Share Even More Great Packing Tips

by Jo Karnaghan from Frugal First Class Travel, an Australian who loves to travel – especially in Europe – and who has gradually learned how to have a First Class trip on an economy budget, without missing out on anything!

Hi Frugalistas!

travel_scalesMy travel blogger friends are back with more great packing tips.  Take it from the experts, and you too can pack like a travel pro!  Your key to successful one bag packing is here…..

Vanessa (@turnipseeds) at Turnipseed Travel is a crafty one.  She’s got two great recommendations for travelling successfully with just a tiny carry on bag:

“Burp” the extra air out of your toiletry bottles before you fly so they have room to expand with the air pressure of the plane.  Otherwise you’ll have a messy leak!  Read more

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