Getting a Good Cappuccino in Venice

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If you have been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I am a cappuccino freak and have finally managed to produce something fairly decent at home. In most French cafés, however, the cappuccino leaves something to be desired. So you can imagine how much I was looking forward to a good cappuccino in Venice.

First cappuccino near the Naval Museum
First cappuccino near the Maritime Museum

My first experience entirely lived up to expectation. We chose a small café opposite the lagoon, just down from the Maritime Museum. At the first sip, I knew it was good. Smooth and creamy the way I like it. Jean Michel had chosen some little cakes to go with it. Delicious.

A complimentary liqueur
Our complimentary liqueur in its cute little glass

So I was not prepared for the awful frothy one I got in one of our favourite restaurants, but since Italians don’t have cappuccino after midday, I forgave them. I did mention it however when we paid so they gave us some complimentary liqueur.

Disastrous frothy cappuccino
Disastrous frothy cappuccino

The next cappuccino was also a disaster. Instead of going back to the first place, we stopped at bigger café/restaurant next to the Zaccharia vaporetto station. As soon as I saw it, with that awful froth on top, I knew it was not the real stuff. We ate our cakes, paid the bill (which was twice that of the first place) and left.

Cappuccino at the pasticeria
Cappuccino at the pasticceria

The next place we tried was a pasticceria bar near the Ospedale. I went in and asked if they had “cappuccino vero“. The waiter looked askance but a second waiter – the one using the espresso machine said “si, cappuccino vero” – and it was!

Jean MIchel in front of the pasticceria near the Ospedale
Jean MIchel in front of the pasticceria near the Ospedale

So if you want real cappuccino in Venice, go to a small bar or a pasticceria and don’t order it after noon! Of course, now that I’ve tasted the real stuff again, I am no longer satisfied with my own efforts. I need to find an instructor!

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4 thoughts on “Getting a Good Cappuccino in Venice”

  1. Hi Rosemary, I agree that the cold froth on cappuccinos is the worst! Here in Australia everyone orders ‘flat white’. It’s a capp without the froth. Just a small leaf or heart made from the creamy top of the milk as it is poured. Two Aussies have started a coffee shop in Soho, London for our expats!

    1. Yes, I found a coffee shop around the corner from us in Paris with real cappuccino as well with an Australian barrista.

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