Fighting the Flu

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Very short and sweet, just to say that I am been in the grips of the flu (grippe = flu!) since Saturday afternoon and am desperately hoping I’m going to be better by Saturday when we are leaving for Granada! Fortunately, Jean Michel has only caught a very mild version so has been holding the fort. I finally saw the doctor yesterday (no home visit on offer) but he only told me what I knew – a bad case of flu.

My only view since Saturday afternoon
My only view since Saturday afternoon
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23 thoughts on “Fighting the Flu”

  1. I know how you feel,Rosemary.The same happened to me in November,before leaving for Sicily.
    Wish you to forget this flu while still on the way to Granada and enjoy fabulous Alhambra.

    1. Oh, that’s no good! did you enjoy Sicily? We thought about it then decided it might be too cold but I have just learnt that snow is predicted in Grenada on Thursday! We’ve booked tickets for the Alhambra on Tuesday.

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