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Beyond the Eiffel Tower: An Insider’s guide to Paris with Frugal First Class Travel

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Regular readers will already be familiar with Jo Karnaghan and her Frugal First Class Travel blog from my Wednesday’s Blogger Round-up series. She recently asked me if I would agree to an interview and here is the result. And click on some of her other posts while you’re there – Jo has some wonderful suggestions and information for those who like to “travel in the most luxurious way we can afford, at the cheapest price – spending money on the things that are important to us, but saving money on the things that are less important”.



Hi Frugalistas!

Do you wish you had a best friend who lived in Paris?  One who could fill you in on all those places that only locals know about?  Or are you someone who is terrified at the thought of tackling Paris on your own?  Either way, help is at hand!  Rosemary of the blog Aussie in France agreed to an interview with me recently to share some of her favorite secrets with we Frugalistas.  Having lived in Paris since 1975, Rosemary is the perfect person to help us find the best of Paris beyond the Eiffel Tower and I was delighted she was willing to share her experience with us. Read more

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