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SAD No Longer

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It was very comforting to have so many people commisserating with me during my attack of SAD, alias Seasonal Affective Disorder, winter depression and light deprivation disorder, with lots of helpful comments both on the blog and on Facebook. You’ll be pleased to hear it is OVER. I probably could have avoided it to some extent if I had been expecting it to happen.  First, I would not have left my vitamin D in Blois and second, I would have made sure I went out each day to at least partly counteract the lack of light.

View from my temporary office window
Sun streaming through my temporary office window

Now that we are back in Blois, even though I have been working like crazy to catch up with the translations I didn’t do when I was feeling so depressed, and incidentally suffering from RSI (repeated strain injury) in my mouse-hand, the light streaming through the window of my temporary office seems to have done the trick. I’ve now caught up and can devote the rest of the week to helping Relationnel with the fireplace so that we can celebrate New Year before we leave on 7th January.

Winter jasmin and roses
Winter jasmin and roses

More news on the progress of the fireplace soon!

View from the kitchen

View from the kitchen windows on a sunny morning
Winter pansies and sweet mock orange (hydrangea philadelphus)
Winter pansies and a flowering laurel on a sunny afternoon


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