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The Bird Bath

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The previous owners of Closerie Falaiseau were very keen on birds. When they handed over the keys to the house, they explained how to feed them and left us enough feed to go on with for a week or so, including couscous (these are French birds after all). There are lots of different bird feeders scattered about in the trees with a cute little one on a stand in our little wood behind the house. There are also a couple of recipients on the living room window sill. Oh, yes, and we’re also supposed to put bits of fat in little string bags especially in winter. I asked the butcher to give me some fat off the côte de boeuf for the birds and he seemed to know what I was talking about.

However, because of the weather and all the things we’ve been doing inside the house, we haven’t been able to observe them very much. Another thing Mr Previous Owner left us is an endless collection of pottery so I’ve been putting it to good use to store thyme and rosemary and coarse salt, for example.  I chose an appropriate dish and put it on the window sill at the front end of the kitchen since that is where we usually eat. I filled it with the crumbs from the multi-grain bread we bought from the organic bakery.

And lo and behold! It attracted a little bird. We’re not sure what it is because every time we approach, it flies away, but I’ve ordered a French garden bird poster from the bird association and am hoping that  this little guy will soon become used to us and I’ll be able to get a closer look (and a better photo)! I’m now feeding it crumbs from my home-made multi-grain bread. I’m sure they’re superior and will be much appreciated.

Yesterday, while on yet another excursion to Bricorama (more on why in the next post), we went past a dépôt-vente and I thought I’d have another look for bedside lamps as I haven’t found anything, either old or new, that I like yet. Down the back of the shop, they had an amazing collection of iron garden furniture. The prices were outrageous but I spied a bird bath that didn’t have a price on it.

It turned out to be reasonably priced (it was even on sale!) so Relationnel lugged it out to the car and now it is standing happily next to the kitchen window enticing the birds to use it. Not that they really need it at the moment. There are a lot of puddles to bathe in …

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