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The Independant Wine Growers Fair in Paris

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This is just a quick post to tell you what we just bought at the Salon des Vignerons Indépendants at Porte de Versailles in Paris today – open until 26th November from 10 am to 8 pm (and on Monday until 6 pm). Be prepared for crowds!

Last year, we bought sancerre, margaux, jurançon, vacquéras and quincy.

Domaine de la Rossignole – sancerre

This year, after eating our usual foie gras sandwhich, we went back to François Cherrier at Domaine de la Rossignole (particularly now that we have our own albeit delinquent nightingales) to buy sancerre for our spéciale oysters on Sunday, but took his Essentiel this time at €9.50 a bottle.

Domaine Jacques Rouzé – quincy

We also returned to Domain Jacques Rouzé for their excellent quincy, cuvée tradition, at € 7.20 a bottle, to have with ordinary oysters and scallops.

Domaine Pierre Adam – pinot gris

Domaine Pierre Adam from Ammerschwihr in Alsace, where we first tasted vin nouveau d’Alsace, won several prizes this year, in particular for their very aromatic Katzenstegel pinot gris at €13.60, a wonderful accompaniment for foie gras and Asian food, but I can recommend any of their wines: riesling (grands crus in particular), gewurtztraminer, etc.

Les Hauts de Caillevel – bergerac

A few years ago, we visited Sylvie Chevallier and MarcDucrocq at Les Hauts de Caillevel near Bergerac (Dordogne) and had a wonderful wine tasting. Their Terres Chaudes 2009 at €8.00 a bottle and Ebène 2010 at €13.00 a bottle have retained their quality over the years. The grape varieties are merlot, cabernet Franc and cabernet sauvignon.

Domaine du Grand Arc – corbières

We were rather hoping our minervois supplier, Domaine Malys-Anne, would be there but hadn’t received an invitation. They weren’t but we saw that Domaine du Grand Arc had received an award this year for their Six Terres Sienne so went to taste their wine. We settled on a corbières rouge 2010 Cuvée des Quarante at €7.60, containing the typical carignan grape (45%), grenache noir (35%) and syrah (20%).

All on the trolley!

So brave the crowds and enjoy yourself! And don’t forget your trolley.

Domaine de la Rossignole, rue de la Croix Michaud, 18300 Verdigny, Tel 02 48 79 34 93 cherrier@easynet.fr 
Domaine Jacques Rouzé, 18120 Quincy. Tel +33 248 513 561 rouze@terre-net.frhttp://www.jacques-rouze.com/english/swf/index.htm
Domaine Pierre Adam, 8 rue du Lieutenant Louis Mourier, 68770 Ammerschwihr, Tel 03 89 78 23 info@domaine-adam.com. http://www.domaine-adam.com
Les Hauts de Caillevel, 24240 Pomport. Tel 05 53 73 92 72.  contact@caillevel.fr. http://www.caillevel.fr/
Domaine du Grand Arc, Fabienne et Bruno SCHENCK, Le Devez, 11350 CUCUGNAN, Tel/Fax: 0468450103, domaine.grandarc@gmail.com, http://www.grand-arc.fr
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