A Therapeutic Ride along the Marne

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It’s Black Cat’s last day in Paris before she goes to New York to look for a job. I’m delighted for her, of course, because she’s following her dream, just as I did 38 years ago, but I am very sad to see her go. We’ve decided not to say goodbye at the airport so we part ways in the street. I go back upstairs and try to work. When Jean Michel phones at five to say he’s finished for the day, I suggest we go cycling along the Marne.

Looking towards Pont de Bry

Looking towards Pont de Bry

The cycle path from Pont de Bry to the old chocolate factory in Champs sur Marne remains our favourite ride and is filled with happy memories of when we lived in Fontenay sous Bois and could easily go there at the end of the day.

And we love stopping off on the way back for a barbecued côte de boeuf at La Pergola.

The inauspicious façade of the Pergola

The inauspicious façade of the Pergola

As it’s the last Friday in August, there is very little traffic so we only take about three-quarters of an hour to get there. We’ve already phoned La Pergola to check they’re open and make sure our côte de boeuf will be ready when we arrive after cycling for an hour along the Marne. The owner recognises knows us as le couple en vélo even if we haven’t been there since last summer.

Swans on the Marne

Swans on the Marne

As soon as we get on our bikes, I start feeling better. It’s a lovely day and the Marne is full of swans. We ride down to the chocolate factory and back to La Pergola. Our favourite table in the garden is waiting for us.

The Pergola garden

The Pergola garden

The côte de bœuf arrives and it’s enormous. Since we began intermittent fasting in June , our appetite has diminished somewhat. We manage to finish it anyway particularly as the meat is delicious. Jean Michel even orders tarte tatin for dessert! Fortunately it doesn’t have any cream with it.

Wearing my headlight

Wearing my headlight

It’s completely dark by the time we finish and we still have a 20-minute ride back to the car so we don our headlights and windcheaters and off we go. On the way, we pass the other, more recently opened La Pergola with its bright neon lights. I think it’s an eyesore.

The other neon-lit Pergola

The other neon-lit Pergola

Next morning we’re not even remotely hungry so decide to have a fast day. Today is the first day of Black Cat’s new life! Good luck!

La Pergola, 87, promenade Hermann Régnier, 93460 Gournay Sur Marne, 01 43 05 36 56

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10 Responses to A Therapeutic Ride along the Marne

  1. Susan Walter says:

    Good luck to Black Cat and a hug to you. Expats beget expats. The children of expats know it can be done, and have the support of their parents, who recognise, as you say in the post, that they did it too.

  2. Barb says:

    I know the pain and I do empathise. My daughter moved to NY last January. We rovers make rovers – and young people with stars in their eyes make New York. Best wishes, B

  3. Rosemary Kneipp says:

    You’re perfectly right Barb! Maybe we’ll meet in NY one day visiting our daughters!

  4. Jane's cousins friend says:

    I hope everything goes well for Black Cat in New York. The world is her oyster, a new place for you to visit now. Lyn

  5. butcherbird says:

    Never mind dear friend, Black Cat will have many adventures to share with you …. as well as a new place for you to visit and explore in the future. My best regards to her too!

    • Rosemary Kneipp says:

      Yes, I’m sure she will and I guess I will go and visit her in the US but it might well put paid to my trips to Australia as I won’t be able to do both, I fear.

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