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Oh no, snow again in Paris!

When I woke up and saw the snow yesterday, I was not happy. I was already in spring mode and the idea of temperatures below zero AGAIN was not appealing in the least. As it was, we were very lucky … Continue reading

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Sunset on the Tuileries

I’ve already talked about the sunset in Paris but my very favourite spot is in the Tuileries Gardens. I don’t usually post this many photos at a time but I happened to be there recently when the sun and the sky … Continue reading

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Slow Walking on Rue du Louvre

Now if you happen to walk down Rue du Louvre, with your back to the Seine, you should stay on the left side until you come to the remains of a stone wall that is actually part of the fortress … Continue reading

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Monkeys in the Louvre and Other Strange Things in Paris

And there he was, just hanging out the window of the Louvre with absolutely no one taking any notice of him, up to some monkey business no doubt. And today, I walked past Stella McCartney’s shop in the Palais Royal … Continue reading

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Buses in Paris

Real Parisians don’t take the metro. They take the bus. Also, they don’t go out of their arrondissement unless they’re just going to the next one over. And they think the suburbs are the end of the earth. I have a … Continue reading

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