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The Truth about Making Cappuccino Part 2

The first time I went to Telescope in rue Villedo near the Palais Royal about a year ago, it felt like an insiders’ club. No one greeted me. The only thing written on the blackboard was café, there was no … Continue reading

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The Truth about Making Cappuccino Part 1

You may remember my desperate attempts to make cappuccino during the winter. Well, now I know the truth. It’s the espresso machine that makes all the difference. I now have intimate knowledge of three different machines: the cheap-O model we … Continue reading

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Why the Fireplace Smokes and Other Annoying Things

We seem to be having a run of bad luck and are hoping we’ve come to the end of it! The first thing we did after we got to Closerie Falaiseau late Wednesday afternoon was to turn up the heating. … Continue reading

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Cappuccino Progress!!!

When the special stainless steel milk foaming jug arrived by mail, my heart sank. It looked much smaller than any of the ones in the videos. But in the meantime, I’d watched a few more and one by The Caffee … Continue reading

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Cappuccino Woes

I don’t know how long I’m going to survive my inability to make cappuccino without having a nervous breakdown. This probably says a lot that I don’t want to know about my character, particularly at my age when there’s not … Continue reading

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