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Friday’s French – horloge, pendule, clock, réveil, watch, montre

We get up on Sunday morning after going back onto winter time and all the clocks are an hour out. “Il faut remettre les pendules à l’heure, c’est le cas de le dire”. “Resetting the clocks” is an expression in … Continue reading

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Five Years of Blogging

I missed my 5th anniversary of blogging! My first post was published on 11th October 2011 just before my son went to live in Australia. He helped me set it up and regularly comes to the rescue when I have … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – Tout un fromage and other cheesy expressions

You would imagine that a country with more than 400 different cheeses would have a certain number of expressions involving the word fromage, but surprisingly, there are more cheesy expressions in English than in French. I was rather disappointed recently … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – Minute papillon

As we were driving through Paris recently in the rain, we saw a café called “Minute Papillon” which made me wonder about the origin of the expression which is roughly equivalent to our English saying “Hold your horses!”. Some sources … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – Globalisation, mondialisation, global, overall

There is a perfectly good word for “globalization”in French – mondialisation which comes from monde meaning “world” – but they seem to be set on using globalisation instead. In English, global is mainly used in the sense of worldwide, particularly in … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – Ecole Normale, normal, standard, norme, norm

The first time I heard the expression école normale was when I took up a post as an assistant English teacher in Nantes many moons ago. I soon discovered that it was a teacher training college. I then heard about the école normale … Continue reading

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Learning a Language with a Home Exchange

As you know, I am a keen home exchanger. We have just redeemed three home exchanges in Australia (Coff’s Harbour, Adelaide and Drysdale) and enjoyed hospitality in Melbourne with the home exchangers of French friends in Paris. Jean Michel, less … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – Va te faire cuire un œuf ! and other eggy expressions

You’d wonder why “go cook yourself an egg” would have the meaning of “get stuffed” or more politely “go jump”, wouldn’t you? I googled it and am not convinced by any of the explanations. You can insult someone by calling … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – gens de voyage, Roms, gitans, Romanichels, Tsiganes, bohémiens, Manouches, gypsies

Before I left Australia, gypsies for me were only characters in novels but in France, I learned that they were present in large numbers, lived in caravans (often large and expensive) and travelled around the country following seasonal work such … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – Content, contented, satisfait, satisfied, heureux, happy

Content is another one of those words that does not necessarily have the same meaning in French and in English. Je suis contente de te voir = I am happy to see you. You can also say Je suis heureuse … Continue reading

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