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Cycling in Germany #7 – Dresden: Accommodation & Car Trouble and Baroque Treasure

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The idea is to go to the Tourist Office in Dresden to find a hotel. I’ve already done some research and there doesn’t seem to be much on offer in the old town apart from the Hilton and a couple of Ibis Hotels. I’ve seen something called Aparthotels on booking.com, a bargain at 58 euro, but there is no indication of parking possibilities, so Jean Michel thinks it will be better to check it out first.

Neumarkt Platz
Neumarkt Platz

We get to Dresden about 11 am. After parking the car in an underground parking lot, we head for Neumarkt Platz and the Tourist Office. I see the sign for Aparthotels so we go in to inquire. The only thing left is a suite at 95 euro so we decide to take it. The very helpful girl at the desk who speaks excellent English tells us there is above-ground parking at 3 euro per 24 hours about 5 minutes walk away. We get the car and drop off our luggage and she says she’ll send an SMS when the room is ready. That’s what I call service!

Our suite in Aparthotel Am Schloss, taken from the brochure because I forgot to take a photo myself!
Our suite in Aparthotel Am Schloss, taken from the brochure because I forgot to take a photo myself!

Well, when we see our suite, we are pretty amazed. Enormous, stylish, with two large rooms, a kitchen with dishwasher on one wall, large comfortable sofa, table and chairs, desk, two TVS (not that we ever watch TV) and a bathroom with a washing machine!

Sunset over the Elbe
Sunset over the Elbe

It is not until about 11 pm that we start looking at next day’s accommodation in the vicinity of Meissen. I find what looks like a great hotel but it’s not available until the day after. Why don’t we stay another night in Dresden? We’d like to see the famous baroque treasure  in the Grünes Gewölbe museum. We check booking.com and there is one apartment at 58 euro left in other Aparthotel on Münzgasse next to Ayers Rock on the other side of the Frauenkirche. We take it.

Our luggage trolley
Our luggage trolley

It’s next morning and we go down to see the friendly girl on the desk just in case there is a room available our own Am Schloss Aparthotel. No, there isn’t but she checks our Münzgasse booking and tells us we’ve been upgraded to a suite. We pack up and put all our luggage on the neat luggage trolley and I wait and chat with the girl on the desk while Jean Michel goes to get the car.

The breakdown truck - German only
The breakdown truck – German only

My phone rings. “On a des problèmes”, says Jean Michel. The battery’s flat. We later discover he had left a light on inside the car. Good thing it wasn’t me! He phones our travel insurance and they send us a breakdown truck. We then go to Renault because Jean Michel thinks we should change the battery. I know who’s going to have to communicate and am dreading it. Also it’s nearly midday. I bet they close for lunch. “Guten tag”, I say, “Do you speak English?” “Moment”, replies the man and off he goes.

PIcnic view
PIcnic view

He comes back with Julia whom I instantly take a liking to. She speaks real English having worked for six months in a garage in Brisbane of all places. She is our life saver. By 1.30, the battery and one of the injection coils (imagine having to converse about that in German) have been changed, we’ve been to the local supermarket on foot to top up supplies and had a picnic on the Elbe at Julia’s suggestion. Our new room is waiting for us. The repairs were even cheaper than they would have been in France.

Our Aparthotel suitel in Münzgasse
Our Aparthotel suite in Münzgasse

Our next apartment does not have the same chic as the first one, but it’s still very nice. We have a separate kitchen, bathroom (with washing machine but a bath and not a proper shower), hallway, living room and bedroom, all with absolutely stunning views of Neumarkt Platz. All for 58 euro! I put on a load of washing (what luxury!) and ask for a clothes horse, ironing board and iron to be sent up. That’s domesticity for you.

The view from our room at Aparthotel Münzgasse
The view from our room at Aparthotel Münzgasse

Then we go off to do something more interesting. Sun and rain alternate so we take some brighter photos on the way.

The Pretiosensaal in the Historisches Grünes Gewölbe
The Pretiosensaal in the Historisches Grünes Gewölbe

I used to be an avid museum goer but an ongoing foot problem that occurred about 8 years ago has made me very selective. Our choice goes to the Grünes Gewölbe historical museum which contains over 2,000 masterpieces made of gold and silver, amber and ivory displayed in eight beautifully decorated rooms. No photos allowed so I’ve taken one of our travel diary.

The Dresden Opera House
The Dresden Opera House

The sun’s out again so we go back to the Zwinger gardens to take some more photos but they are so crowded with groups that we don’t bother. On the other side, we discover the Opera House and visit the very plain interior of the Catholic Cathedral, badly bombed during the war.


It suddenly starts raining so we head home for a cup of tea. I realise that I haven’t received confirmation on hotelinfo.com for our next hotel booking. I try to ring the hotel but am stumped by the recorded message in German. I find a toll free number for hotelinfo.com and am told there is no reservation. I make another one, which is now confirmed. Ouf! Our next stop is only 45 minutes away so we’ll be able to have a full day of cycling – weather permitting!

Our personal concert
Our personal concert

In the meantime we have an excellent quartet just outside our window.

Aparthotels, www.aparthotels-frauenkirche.de, info@aparthotels-frauenkirche.de


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Photos of the Week – Dresden

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Dresden was once one of Europe’s great cultural capitals. One thousand fire bombs devasted the city on 13th February 1945 killing 40,000 people and leaving 900,000 homeless. Many of the main monuments have been rebuilt but not the historical houses that give a city its character. It was overcast when we arrived and rained most of the afternoon which made the city somewhat mournful. However, there seemed to be lot of things going on whenever the rain stopped. For an idea of what the city is like in the sun, I recommend Andrea’s photos on Rearview Mirror.

This was practically the first thing we saw in Dresden - dressing down on a Sunday morning!
This was practically the first thing we saw in Dresden – dressing down on a Sunday morning!
If I hadn't been a little cold, I would have joined her!
If I hadn’t been a little cold, I would have joined her!
Frauenkirsche built in 1726
A building detail on platz
A building detail on Neumarkt Platz
The King's Stables
Langer gang built in 1586 on one side of the King’s Stables
Frieze on the schloss
Frieze depicting the Procession of the Dukes – 202 metres long (1906) – made of 24,000 Meissen porcelain mosaic tiles
The Cathedral or DOM
The Cathedral or DOM with the Schloss (castle) on the left
Entrance to the Schloss which now houses 4 museums
Entrance to the Schloss which now houses 4 museums
inside the schloss with its glass roof
Inside the schloss with its Renaissance gallery and glass roof
Lunchtime menu in the form of a gazette. The Germans next to us gave us some
Lunchtime menu in the form of a gazette.
Dancing in the street!
Dancing in the street!
Bubble blowers in between showers of rain
Bubble blowers in between showers of rain
Imbiss ((snack bar)
Imbiss ((snack bar) in an ancient red 3-wheel truck
Zwinger, a German Baroque palace also containing several museums
The German Rococo style Zwinger palace, inaugurated in 1719,  also contains several museums
An unlikely restaurant in the middle of Dresden where we ended up having an excellent evening meal
An unlikely restaurant in the middle of Dresden where we ended up having an excellent evening meal – it was a nice change for the mostly stodgy Saxon food


Which Travel Money Card is best? – Getting to and from the Paris Airports – Road Trip Paris to Berlin

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On this week’s list are two very pratical posts for those who will be travelling to France shortly. Holidays to Europe looks at the question of the best travel money card to take with you while Abby from Paris Weekender explains the best way to get to and from the different airpots in Paris. And, on a very different subject, Andrea from Rear View Mirror (who is also the author of Destination Europe) and taken to living the life of a nomad, describes a road trip to Berlin.

Which Travel Money Card is best?

by Holidays to Europe, an Australian based business passionate about sharing their European travel expertise and helping travellers to experience the holiday in Europe they have always dreamed of.

I’ve written previously about the various ways of accessing your spending money whilst overseas but after my most recent trip to Europe and a report by CANSTAR, I thought it timely to provide some more information about travel money cards. Read more.

Getting to and from the Paris Airports

by Abby from Paris Weekender, an American living in Paris who offers suggestions for Paris weekends, either staying put or getting out of town

Unfortunately there is no perfect way of getting to and from the Paris airports, but below are my suggestions.  Note that for the Air France bus (Car Air France) to and from Charles de Gaulle and Orly you can now purchase tickets online, and doing so will save you 10%. Read more

Road Trip Paris to Berlin

by Andrea from Rear View Mirror (formerly Destination Europe), a fellow Australian who, after 6 years of living in France, has given up herParis apartment to live a nomadic life slowing travelling around Europe, experiencing each destination like a local.

Driving directly from Paris to Berlin would normally take around 10 hours but there are so many fantastic places worth visiting along the way that you can make a great one to two week road trip out of it or even more if you prefer to travel slowly. I took around 15 days for the trip and stopped in seven cities between Paris and Berlin. The road trip looked like this:

Paris – Trier – Bacharach – Heidelberg – Schwabisch Hall – Nuremberg – Leipzig – Dresden – Berlin. Read more



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