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An Anniversary Celebration at La Maison d’à côté in the Loire Valley

Last year Jean Michel and I also celebrated the anniversary of our meeting in the Loire and were very disappointed with the restaurant we chose. This year, we were much luckier. We arrived early too early for lunch at Montlivaut … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Blogger Round-Up: Michelin star restaurants – Chrysanthemums in France – All Saints’ Day

This week, The Good Life France, appearing for the first time in my Wednesday’s Blogger Round-Up, explains the origin of the Michel star award to French restaurants, while two Aussies, whom I’ve often quoted here – Wendy Hollands from Le … Continue reading

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Douceur and Le Coup de Fourchette in Blois – two new places to try!

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon and we’ve finally taken the time to collect our Blésois passes so we’ll have free entry to Blois Royal Castle and the Magic Museum plus lots of other places. The pass will also give our … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Blogger Round-up: New places to shop in Paris – Reserving a restaurant in Paris – Chocolate Tasting

This Wednesday, we’re staying in Paris. Australian blogger Jo Karnaghan from Frugal First Class Travel, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting up with during a recent trip to Paris, shares her latest find – three new shopping streets in … Continue reading

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Auberge de Launay – an excellent restaurant in the Loire Valley

“This is the best dining experience we’ve had in the Loire”, says Laszlo, halfway through the meal, and I breathe a sigh of relief. It’s always tricky choosing a restaurant for overseas visitors and I wasn’t sure which of our … Continue reading

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Off to Plovdiv in Bulgaria

We leave our home exchange apartment in Sofia around 10 am. It’s a short walk to the central bus station. We go past a group of bystanders and see three men lying on their sides on the ground, hands handcuffed … Continue reading

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Sofia – Alexander Nevski Cathedral and Saint Sofia

We wake up very late and I am relieved that my toe is no longer swollen and painful. I can now move it which is reassuring. The Nurofen, the three ice-cold foot baths and not going out for dinner and … Continue reading

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Sofia – Third impressions

The starting point for our third walking tour of Sofia is the Archeology Museum opposite the Presidential Palace and the changing of the guard which I described in my Second Impressions of Sofia. The oldest museum in Bulgaria (formerly the … Continue reading

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The Oldest House in Paris

Surprisingly for an old city, Paris has very few mediaeval houses and when someone asked me recently where the oldest house was, I had absolutely no idea even though I had actually been inside! For very many years, it was … Continue reading

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A Therapeutic Ride along the Marne

It’s Black Cat’s last day in Paris before she goes to New York to look for a job. I’m delighted for her, of course, because she’s following her dream, just as I did 38 years ago, but I am very … Continue reading

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