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Our New Office

It’s not really an office. That’s the word Jean Michel uses in French; it means a place next to the kitchen or dining room in which the table service is prepared. Well, it’s sort of that.  I would call it … Continue reading

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News on the Home Front

It’s now four weeks since we moved to Blois. All the boxes are unpacked (except those in storage such as Christmas decorations and things that we’re not sure where to put or may never use again). I finally found the exercise book … Continue reading

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Blois Chambord Cycling Itinerary 11 & 11bis

Most of our time in Blois seems to be spent frantically gardening, restoring fireplaces and making laundries, but this time, I’ve checked the weather report and Thursday looks as though it will be bright and sunny. We have breakfast in … Continue reading

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A Laundry in a French House No Less! #1

We’ve set aside two weeks to make a laundry at Closerie Falaiseau. Like most French houses, it doesn’t have one. I’ve talked about this before. In fact, Jean Michel has already drilled a 10 cm diameter hole through a 70 … Continue reading

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Friday’s French – travaux

This is going to be a very short post because we are up to our necks in travaux. Travaux, the plural of travail is, interestingly enough, from the low Latin trepalium, instrument of torture, derived from the Latin tres, three, … Continue reading

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Weekly Blogger Round-Up: Renovating a château – Visiting Southern Italy – No pants in the Paris metro

Welcome to this week’s Blogger Round-Up. Three posts caught my eye immediately this week. The first, by Janine Marsh from The Good Life France, tells the story of an Australian couple who have bought a château in the south of … Continue reading

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Rethinking our projects in the Loire

I was very encouraged by all the sympathetic comments on the post I wrote a couple of weeks ago called War declared by next-door neighbours. Thank you for your support. I have to confess that I have been depressed ever … Continue reading

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Making the Most of Spring in Blois

I don’t know how it got to be 10th March when just a couple of days ago, it was still February. All that R&R we were supposed to have this week doesn’t seem to have happened. Even though the fireplace … Continue reading

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Four Fireplaces, Two Fire Starters and No Fire

Last Friday night when we still thought we might be able to have a fire in the renovated fireplace upstairs in Closerie Falaiseau, we thought we would order a fire starter on-line. We first became acquainted with the Cape Cod … Continue reading

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Why the Fireplace Smokes and Other Annoying Things

We seem to be having a run of bad luck and are hoping we’ve come to the end of it! The first thing we did after we got to Closerie Falaiseau late Wednesday afternoon was to turn up the heating. … Continue reading

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